So we can not even think of this one. There is a certain amount of snark embedded in this post, but its not a bad idea at all – I’ll be in much the same boat at that time – perhaps I can borrow the same idea You’ll have the SEO and the thought-leadership circuit all stitched up well in advance. Only 21 years away lwn. Yes — but primarily due to parents’ failure to regulate kids’ use.

That’s long enough to seem like it’s perfectly safe, but short enough that it might just not be. The fix was a binary patch that changed the time bases. Is it SW or HW that you “ship”? Not that I think such breaks are to be taken lightly but they are sometimes necessary. By the way, I set the scheduled posting time of this blog post at January 19th, 3: One billion seconds just over 31 years days and 12 hours after Also true that there was no native language support for bit ints, but I don’t think that is a show-stopper reason because plenty of kernel data isn’t handled as compiler-native types.

Damn, just when I thought it was safe to climb out of the bomb shelter.

Reseearch in any doubt, fairly simply testing can establish whether there is a potential issue with a particular piece of softwa. But null is also not a value by definition so then it becomes hard to do a range check when using say, a start and end date.

Texas Instruments MSP family of microcontrollers [1] is popular for this type of application. The Y2K problem occurred because the amount of space allocated in computer hardware and software to store the date was insufficient to handle a year greater than That’s like being asked to setup Windows 98 workstations today.


Time to Panic About Y2K38?

No beagleboard implementation will be running BigCo’s finances and be irreplaceable in For picosecond resolution to be useful wouldn’t clock rates need to be on the order of THz? These are the small systems that runs our elevators, gps receivers, car computer etc. Binary is different from decimal when it comes to certain calculations. I suspect there will be a lot of businesses especially finance interested in verifying that the “ancient” Linux system they setup to replace their mainframe 25 years “ago” is safe.

Back inno language had a bit integer type.

The Year 2038 Bug – Y2K38 Problem – Many of your applications will crash

Installation of win98 is so quick, so easy, compared to XP. Digging for Bitcoin Is a Labor of Love. Generally, desktop PC’s and certain larger computers use a 32 bit architecture, but increasingly, PC’s are manufactured to use 64 bit architecture, and the software to run on them uses this architecture as well.

On Linux, you can run this from a command line like this: Twenty-year design lifespans often with servicing and minor design updates are definitely not unheard of, and successful systems often outlive their design lifespan.

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IMO, using 2K87 for a 2. Arguments have also been made that the efforts were not overblown.


y2k38 research paper

Nition on Mar 21, And it won’t be a serious-enough bug to spend money on until whatever workarounds they can think of start having negative effects on income. This is part of my plan as well, thus https: JdeBP on Mar 23, I don’t want to take any chances IBMer, but not a mainframe person. Open your System Date and Time Settings.


The Year Bug – Y2K38 Problem – Many of your applications will crash – CodeProject

When you’re mainly working with 32bit CPUs or less and the year of overflow is almost 50 years in the future I can forgive them for considering it was good enough at the time.

Under that scheme, nanoseconds were only representable until Feb 17th Speculating as to Sun’s motivations, “you have to ask yourself the question, why? Look how long it took before action was taken to correct the September 9, date problemthe Y2K problems?

y2k38 research paper

In Unix v1 it actually did not even track the year. Oh, so that’s what Mesquite is doing I’ll be mids when this hits, and have enough low level system knowledge to be dangerous. Should that properly be 2K87?

This script has been referred from here. This assumes that any of today’s technology will survive 21 years

y2k38 research paper