Thesis Committee Release Form. Request for Transfer Credit or Advanced Standing. If revisions were required, then the supervisor or external examiner will need to send an email to FGSR confirming that the edits were completed. The committee members need to have at least two weeks for a Masters thesis and at least four weeks for a PhD thesis. Checklist for the Submission of a Thesis. Illustrations that do not fit on a standard page size are to be avoided.

Library approval will be denied if the title is not identical to the title on the defense documents. If the you do not submit the final corrected thesis within this time a registration may be required. Graduate Studies and Research. Most Masters thesis take around a year to write, while a PhD thesis will take more like 2 years but this can vary greatly. If the title of the thesis is to be altered from the original thesis submitted for defense, FGSR must be notified.


It documents the findings of the research, and it is to be discussed and defended under competent third party scrutiny. The Chair will ensure that a faculty seminar does not develop, although some discussion will be allowed to clarify points. Keep in mind that Fgxr requires the student to submit the ready-to-defend thesis six weeks prior to the last day of the specific semester they hope to finish in. You should complete your application for graduation at the start of the semester in which you plan to defend your thesis.

Notice of Oral Defense of Thesis.

Formatting a Thesis

Students should submit their Application for Graduation at this time, if they have not jregina done so. The other members of the examining committee then question the candidate, again focusing on the academic substance of the thesis. Third Party Authorization Proxy. Once you are done your defense there a few more final things you must do. This email will contain instructions for binding the thesis and a copy of the Examining Committee Form to be included in the bound copies of the thesis.


The candidate will wait nearby to be called to return to the room to be informed about the deliberations of the committee. Typically the examiner will be satisfied with an electronic copy sent by email, but they should also be offered a hard copy.

The examining committee will discuss the thesis and its defense. U of R Home. Replacement Diploma Order Form. After a successful defense, you have until the end fvsr the next semester to submit an electronic corrected copy of the thesis to the Associate Fysr of FGSR.

Tgsr the revisions suggested by the committee have been reviewed and acted on by the student in consultation with the supervisor, then the revised thesis is re-submitted to the committee for review of the changes.

uregina fgsr thesis

Certification of English Standard. The candidate may wish to use audio-visual aids for this presentation, and if so a digital copy of the presentation must be provided in advance to the external examiner or any member of the committee attending the defense remotely.

If the nominated External is approved, the thesis can be sent to them. Any of the forms below are in PDF format. Committee Approval of the Thesis Once you and your supervisor and co-supervisor are happy with your thesis, your committee will have to read it and sign off on it being acceptable for defense. In extraordinary circumstances the candidate may petition the Chair for a closed defense or to restrict particular individuals from attending.


Annual Gerontology Student Information Form. Often this first round of thesiz goes well over an hour before the supervisor speaks.

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For information about selecting a supervisor and what expectation you should have of them see Graduate Supervision. Checklist for the Submission of a Thesis. Submission of your Thesis Once all committee members have read your thesis thesiz agree that it is acceptable for defense, you are ready to submit your thesis. Oversize Pages It is recommended that these pages be avoided. U of R Home. Read Defense well before your thesis is completed take careful note of the deadlines. If additional forms are necessary, such as Ethics Approval or Request for Confidentiality of a Thesis, it is the responsibility of uregkna student and supervisor to determine this and to obtain the forms from FGSR.

This is only required if requesting to delay the release of the thesis. It might help to know that there are two issues behind these deadlines. Graduate Studies and Research. Graduate Student Audit Registration.

uregina fgsr thesis