Together with your supervisor you make appointments regarding the procedure for proof reading. Kees de Graaf Nutrition and Disease examiner: The FQD internship is linked to specialisation D only. Fraud and plagiarism, p. Length of proposal is 5 to 8 pages A4.

Content Search box Breadcrumb. Different phases in the MSc with activities and products. This consultation should be done at least 6 months in advance to ensure the actual start date of the research. Ellen Kampman Nutrition and Health over the Lifecourse examiner: The supervisor usually needs 1 week for this proof reading. Nikkie van der Wielen nikkie. Ingestion and Structure Breakdown 6.

If thesis work is done abroad students have to adapt to working conditions such as institutional hierarchy, ethics, dress code etcetera that are often different from Dutch conditions.

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If this is the case, you have to complete a form and ask for permission. This common part is not applicable for specialisation E.

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Proposal writing Usually you start with a general idea about the thesis and you may have had some discussion with your supervisor. You have to ask the secretariat from the chair group for a thesis number, that appears on the cover of your mnb.

More specifically, learning outcomes as formulated by AEW are: Kees de Graaf Nutrition and Disease examiner: Most of our students take part in our research projects and their theses contribute significantly to project results.


If your study programme is not in the list, or if you are interested in doing a thesis with the chair group Philosophy PHIplease contact our thesis coordinator Joanne Leerlooijer education.

It is strongly advised to have a test colloquium a few days before. You will explore the background of a given research problem, critically review scientific literature, delineate your problem, formulate scientific questions and reflect on methodology. Choose at least 2 courses. Fraud and plagiarism, p. General Learning outcomes In general, WU learning outcomes are categorized in four groups: Students should have succesfully completed the selected RO0-courses and mandatory prerequisites before they can start with their first thesis or internship.

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Click here Example Thesis report. Inclusive Innovation, Communication and Developmen t Supervision: Common elements in the thesis are: In the case you want to perform a thesis study at the industry or abroad, you follow the same procedure described above. Master Social Science programmes and specialisations. Thessi starting the thesis research, you will require some degree of nutritional knowledge.

Choose at least 1 course.

thesis mnh wur

Choose at least 6 credits. You are responsible to ensure that a signed contract is developed and handed in at the ANU secretariat. If your thesis research includes field work in another country, please check whether knh will be travelling to a risk area yellow, orange or red. The objective of thesiss thesis is to integrate and extend knowledge and skills, by independently conducting scientific research in the framework of one of the Division’s research projects.


Content Search box Breadcrumb. Development of Nutrition Intervention Programmes 6. Confounding and Effect Measure Modification online 3. When you have a first complete draft of your thesis ready with all chapters and annexes but some smaller elements may still be missing ask your supervisor for comments on structure and contents. Please, sent an e-mail to nikkie. Data will be collected and analyzed.

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MSc thesis documents – WUR

Select those courses that lack thfsis your prior education, in consultation with your study adviser. Take into account the thesis prerequisites. This phase lasts in general 4 to 6 weeks depending on the kind of topic, your knowledge etcetera.