The Grand Master went to great lengths to document why these movements feel correct through not only study and research and training, but by also documenting in Volume 1 the physics of the movements. Dan Bon’s list was created by Kwan Jan Nim Hwang Kee in to identify those already certified in Moo Duk Kwan, at first only 4 students completed the training for Cho Dan, among them was the late Master Chang Kim who has the Dan Bon number 1 The Dan Bon tells us the place that all Dan members have on the list, regardless of age, weight, height or country, your place as a member will always be respected. One time at school, I was playing freeze tag with some friends. For me I am always very proud when people say they do karate or something and I can say that I do Soo Bahk Do because Soo Bahk Do is special and it is not just about fighting there is an art to it and it is as if it is almost a dance. And lastly, saluting our flag reminds me to face combat in justice and honor, never retreating, and finishing what I start. May we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I travel for business quite a bit, and find myself practicing and training in hotel rooms.

Rios has helped set an example of what I need to look like because he truly is a Dan. This linkage is best demonstrated in forms which have not been written down in our instruction books yet! I knew that for my safety that this was not something that I should know. The following essay was written by Eoghan Knibbe 10 years old for his red belt test: I do this by obeying my elders and following what they tell me to do. Snarr is a very exciting person that is very fun to train with because he makes sure that I know that he is there to help me achieve my Dan. When starting Soo Bahk Do I was pushed to have a better posture.


He said I am ready to test and I believe him. Though I do not yet have any experiential data on Ki, it seems logical that the focus of energy and breath through the mind implies Ki. Sometimes I lose the next move in a form, or a ho sin sool. Soo Bahk Do has helped me become a stronger person both mentally and physically. It teaches bayk not to be afraid to surge forward in life. Though it is speculative on my part, and currently unmeasureable, there are some strong parallels which beg further research.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

My class and I ended up with the opportunity to go to California where I competed in a sparring competition. Last summer when I started Soo Bahk Do. While Kwang Ja Nim Hwang Kee studied ancient texts and different martial art styles, the Federation nahk Dan pedigrees ensured a tradition with a heritage and a future. I know that I can call them at any time with problems and they will listen and give me advice.

After taking this easier path, and perhaps not getting the desired results, we frequently fool ourselves by telling us san taking the other path would have made no difference.

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This is my 2nd degree black belt essay bakh Soo Bahk Do, written in March, When I go to soccer we have to do sit-ups if we mess up and I find that they are a lot easier to do after training Soo Bahk Do because we do sit-ups in Soo Bahk Do. Soo Bahk Do has helped me physically sok I have gotten so much stronger and more flexible.

Soo Bahk Do has influenced and altered my life greatly.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

Soo Bahk Do has also helped me a lot in my school life. Having to have a balanced diet for Soo Bahk Do is an excuse to have a balanced fo in life and that is really good for me. By doing this, they believed that they could present themselves as members and ewsay political influence, but they were not successful. That is a fear I have to face to be a 3 rd gup.


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The Dan Bon tells us the place that all Dan members have on the list, regardless of age, weight, height or country, your place as a member will always be respected. He has told me that he will only let me test for my Dan if I am daj. Only strong desire, I learned, will allow one to achieve his goals.

A forty year old might have the progression of an infant if he has no courage. On my best training days, this concept of the art feeling correct helps me to learn the material in a personal way.

Baahk though sometimes I feel as if it is too hard I know that it is making me stronger and that stronger is better. They feel correct because it is the right way for the body to do them. Salt Lake City, UT. This is why I think I should be a red od.

Though neither can be proven, I would like to speculate as to whether the two are related. At the age of thirteen, I finally managed to convince my parents to let me take karate classes. It would not only explain why Ki is not measurable, it would also explain the power of Ki and might also explain why it is so difficult to master. Soo Bahk Do has also helped me with my schoolwork. The seniority is somewhat military-like, in that belt level is somewhat equivalent to military rank.

Posted in Dan Essays. This past summer, I spent a great deal of time at the studio and spent an enormous amount of time with the people here. In this sense, Soo Bahk Do helped me become less selfish, eszay more concerned about others.