Also, despite being young himself he was distressed when a young friend of his, to be young to have been sent to war, was shot for deserting and then disowned. This child, unable to find solace in the trenches, is marked with contrasting tones in the first stanza. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The battlefield is compared to hell which is where these young men are being sent to fight. Both Owen and Sassoon write about the subject of war:

How about receiving a customized one? Sassoon wanted to show the world how horrible it is to die, especially by their own hands due to the vile nature of war. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then when the boy commits suicide it sickens us more because we imagine the boy we know committing suicide, rather than a faceless person. Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing.

In reality, the destruction and horror that consumed all enlisted men when out at battle was not known to many around the world.

I’d like to share some words of wisdom with you that may save your life and give you hope for sieyfried rough and tumultuous months to come.

The depression of this young soldier before he commits suicide is clearly displayed in the poem. It eiegfried believed that this poem was about him, although Sassoon never made any direct reference to him himself.

To Cousin Nicholas, I have heard whispers of your decision to enter the war in service of our country. Siegfried Sassoon’s poem “Suicide in the Trenches” effectively communicates Sassoon’s own hatred sassoon war.

Commentary On “Suicide In The Trenches” By Siegfried Sassoon. – Essay – Words – BrightKite

This stanza has an angry tone to it, which creates guilt to the readers. People had many different views on the war, but all had the same feelings about the tragic loss of life. Siegfried Sassoon – Suicide in the Trenches Essay. They were too willing to send men to their deaths and give everyone orders, while they lived their luxurious lives and earned. There is a change in mood where the first stanza talks about the essy when he is in the trenches. Master’s or higher degree.


This poem talks about the survival of a young soldier who survived, addressing to the people left at home of all the hardships that they go through in the trenches. In August the outbreak of war seemed a glorious adventure in a foreign and far a way land. Do you always trust sources when you read them? There were suffragette riots taking place by the score and public outcry to the government by the dozen. This site uses cookies.

Description of Life in the Trenches words – sieggfried pages Description of Life in the Trenches You might be thinking that life in trenches was non-stop death, violence, and pain.

siegfried sassoon suicide in the trenches essay

By describing such a nice and simple lad, we are able to immediately connect with the boy as it is such a general description that it links us immediately to a boy we know ourselves. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? He spent most of the war years fighting in the trenches and as we now know, the trenches were nothing short of horrific, down to diseases, the awful conditions they were forced to live in esssy the lack of nourishment.

Suicide In The Trenches Poetry Analysis words – 5 pages A lighthearted, immature, jovial boy gets thrown into the terrors of war. So I am taking the time to describe the theatrics of my life in the trenches and the daily occurrences. There is a change in mood where the first stanza talks about the despair when he is in the trenches.


The tone in this stanza is quiet upbeat for a poem that is about trenchse and death. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In ‘Attack’ he sisgfried about to go into battle from a trench whereas in ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ he is being more general, but they are both cataclysmic.

The selection further explains that as the years progress, the. Firstly I must enquire on the home life, how is your brother and mother? The last stanza is like scolding the readers, to make him feel small in front of the world, in front of the deaths that happen during the war. Click to learn more https: The passage explains that comeAmerica will reach the glittering destinations that will lead them to unimaginable income, comfortable working and living conditions, and baffling diversity.

The two poems have contrasting views on war and death.

Commentary On “Suicide In The Trenches” By Siegfried Sassoon.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Diary log 1 I was captain of my platoon. In the second stanza, the season is described as winter; dark, gloomy, glum.

siegfried sassoon suicide in the trenches essay