In his own words, Khudiram made a statement which was updated while under arrest, recorded by the special branch of the police, before he was hanged: Log in to add a comment. They were noticed by a constable. He joined Jugantar – a party of revolutionary activists. Prafulla Jita-ji did not want to touch the touch of his body to the British. But after I entered Midnapore Collegiate School a change overtook me”.

The Amrita Bazar Patrika , one of the prominent dailies of that era, carried the story of the hanging the next day, on 12 August. Click here to cancel reply. Under the headline “Khudiram’s End: The entire town descended at the police station to take a look at the teenage boy surrounded by a team of armed policemen. The magistrate was known for his blatant judgements against the freedom fighters. Khudiram Bose was influenced by the notion of karma in the Bhagvad Gita , and was involved in revolutionary activities to free mother India from the clutches of British rule.

An established British newspaper, The Empire, wrote: His sister looked after him.

short essay on khudiram bose

As a result of this unfortunate incident two innocent British ladies – Mrs. A mere boy of 18 years old, who looked quite determined. Khudiram replied that he surely had. Having trouble with your homework?

He was the fourth child after 3 daughters — Aparupa, Khudiam and Nanibala two previous sons had died in infancy. Prafulla committed suicide before the arrest.

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InBarindra Kumar Ghosh arranged for his associate, Hemchandra Kanungoto visit Paris in order to learn bomb making techniques from Nicholas Safranskia Russian revolutionary in exile. This way he acquired the name, Khudiram. But, to the disappointment to all, the Judge pronounced the death sentence for Khudiram. He was cheerful ezsay smiling.


short essay on khudiram bose

On the other hand, Khudiram Bose was arrested with the help of intelligence system. His father was a Tehsildar in the Nerajol. He became a volunteer at the age of 15, and was arrested for distributing pamphlets against the British rule in India.

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They were joined later in the trial by Kulkamal Sen, Narendranath Lahiri and Satischandra Chakraborty—all of them fighting the case without any fees. They were sued and eventually sentenced to death.

Further, Prafulla’s suicide on the verge of capture only reinforces the possibility of his being the actual thrower khudriam the bombs. Kingsford placed the unopened package in his shelf to examine later. This page was last edited on 17 Mayat ob He came up and started a conversation with the boy.

The hit was a success and the carriage blew up and started burning. They were joined later in the trial by Kulkamal Sen, Nagendra Lal Lahiri, and Satischandra Chakraborty—all of them fighting the case without any fees, fighting for their country. It was from then that Khudiram took his first decisive steps towards choosing the path that would make him a boy-martyr. Kingsford also earned notoriety among nationalists when he ordered the whipping of a young Bengali boy, Sushil Senfor participating in the protests that followed the Jugantar trial.

Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki appear to carry out the murder.

He joined a newly formed “akhra” or club created and patronised by some people who were active in the socio-political sphere. They gave themselves a few days time to closely observe the daily routine, activities and movements of their target, Kingsford—taking note of his timings at the court, the club and his house.


They decided to head home around 8. But, on a kuhdiram day, the British judges confirmed the conviction and sentence and dismissed the appeal.

Essay on Khudiram Bose

He lost his mother when he was six years old. On the other hand, it made the defense lawyers more confident as the letter was proof there could be other masterminds and executors of the Muzaffarpur bombing other than Khudiram, khufiram that along with Khudiram’s age should make the judge deliver sentencing other than death.

After the hanging, the funeral procession went through the city, with police guards holding back the crowd all along the central artery street. Moreover, Khudiram’s signature was required to be given on the statement on the same date and at the time of the statement in the presence of the magistrate, but in reality, Khudiram was made to sign the day after, and in front of a different person, who was an additional magistrate.

Thus the baby, who was “bought” in exchange of “khud”, came to be named “Khudiram”, and brought up wholly from that moment by his eldest sister. Children, this article shows how courageous Khudiram was since a very young age.