Why, then, did agencies continue to supply these items, even when it was obvious that they had become currency, and a debased one at that, as the continuing supply of new sheets and pots reduced their sale value to virtually zero and impoverished the people who normally sold them? The situation was exacerbated by the lava on which Goma was built, which made digging latrines impossible. The loss of the commercial centre and housing has meant a loss of jobs and disruption of the economy. Goma lies spread out along the edge of Lake Kivu and comprises mostly small dwellings around intersecting roads. The findings indicate that most, if not all, the lava drained from the crater lake out through the fissures, even as far as fissures in Goma itself. As outlined already in this report, minimising loss of life also means planning and providing for the continuing supply of safe food and water to the population during their exodus, the period of relocation, which may last weeks or even months, and subsequent return to Goma and its environs. Forecasts and warnings are not likely to be acted upon by the population in the present political and humanitarian crisis.

Risk assessment in this crisis should include the regular input of health experts, together with international relief agencies and NGO’s working in Goma. A visit to the town of Masisi was made to learn more about the impact of ash falls from the volcanoes on human and animal health. People can then spend it according to their own priorities and needs, something which the aid world claims to support, and which is specifically mentioned in all its manuals and seminars. The lessons that need to be considered in volcanic risk management for the present population of the Goma area include the following:. It was not until the 19 January that the population was able to return across the flow in large numbers, and then only in one place where the lava was still very hot “le pont de feu”. The lava lake level in January was not as high as in , and the surface was solidified.

mt nyiragongo case study

It was not until the 19 January that the population was able to return across the flow in large numbers, and then only in one place where the lava was still very hot “le pont de feu”. The international xase of aid in the occupied Palestinian territory. Inmost of the refugees entered through Goma between July 14 and 17, and the cholera epidemic began almost immediately.


Effect of the volcanic crisis on the humanitarian situation. The eruption had been preceded by a number njiragongo premonitory signs in the months and weeks beforehand, such as increased fracturing and fumarolic activity on the upper southern slopes of the volcano and stury increasing level of seismicity, especially between 4 – 17 January. Other dangerous gases that needed to be excluded include methane, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide.

Primary health clinics are the main access points for health care. Lava invaded the airport at aroundand was at the Cathedral by two hours later. At least 14 villages were Mt Nyiragongo volcano destroyed by the lava as it flowed downhill from Goma nearby nyiagongo the summit of the volcano in lava streams 2m Lake Kivu nearby lake deep and 50m wide Democratic Republic of Congo African Rift Valley12 hrs: Car traffic was held up for two hours by the border guards.

The refugees, already exhausted and undernourished, fell victim to a massive epidemic of cholera and dysentery. A risk assessment should ideally be completed before the end of The eruption should therefore have a significant effect in aggravating poverty in some social strata, at least. The Goma Volcano Stkdy has had its technical capacity reduced during the humanitarian crisis, particularly over the last two years when staff nyragongo worked without any salary.

mt nyiragongo case study

Nevertheless, most of those who left got away before late evening. The Virunga Mountains stretch from east to west for about 80 km. Emergency supplies of food BP5 – dried food and biscuits for three to five days had not been stockpiled before the eruption.

Mount Nyiragongo

Complex justifications are developed. The patients are normally expected to pay for hospital and health clinic treatment, though charges for health care were wavered in the two months after the eruption, when use of the facilities markedly increased as a result. However, a simple way of expressing societal risk is that people dying in a single event over the same period would be a catastrophe. The draft plan allows for the relocation of betweento1.

An on-going two-year programme under the auspices of the World Food Programme for the supply of food to displaced and other vulnerable persons was in progress.

This analysis of the human health impact of eruptions at Nyiragongo volcano is directed towards the vulnerability and mitigation issues that require to be considered in a risk assessment for future eruptions, including the potential for a my gas burst at Lake Kivu.


The mechanism for the release of lava in the eruption was more clearly a drainage phenomenon, with radial fissuring around the summit crater and a high level of very fluid lava in the lake.

The areas where displaced people were living required new distribution systems. The nyifagongo of water and electrical power networks by the lava flows resulted sfudy increasing the dependence of people on water taken direct from Lake Kivu before chlorination was fully in place.

Cholera epidemic, Julyand lessons learned from the mass movement of refugees in November Many refugees failed to reach health facilities, and the relatively few health workers stuyd the scene were overwhelmed.

mt nyiragongo case study

The background nutritional status of the population was already low and people were living in greater concentrations in houses and camps in stressful stjdy. The centre of the outbreak was probably Goma.

The video from Mt Goma shows the clouds of ash and smoke from burning vegetation around the vents and flows on the volcano being convected into the air during the day, and the progression of both lava flows into the city in the evening and night. Perceptions of the people were that the impact extended to heart attacks, miscarriages and other ailments.

Case study of a Volcanic eruption : Mt. Nyiragongo

The name of Goma will be forever linked to the Rwandan genocide of and the huge humanitarian crisis that was provoked when the refugees fled for their lives across the border with Zaire now Congo and established camps near the city – at Mugunga the largestKatale, Kibumba and Munigi. The provision of safe water and adequate food depends almost entirely on outside assistance, which is the life-support system for Goma.

The two mass movements of refugees, in andwere amongst the most dramatic population movements in history.