What would be the budgeted overhead at a capacity level of , units? At what sales price would the company be in different between disposing of chemical B at split off and further processing the chemical? The numbers of equivalent units as to material, using FIFO method would be: Terrell’s break- even point is: During the month, 50, units were transferred out. During February, Superior started 80, gallons of paint. Units produced 8, units Direct materials Rs.

What is the contribution margin per unit? Cash budget for the month of May Opening balance of cash Rs. Ordering costs are Rs. BDH wants an ending inventory of 3, units. Download mgt final term 9. General factory overhead Assuming that the opening cash balance on July 1st is Rs.

Fully explain and justify each of the costs included in the costing schedule. The total sales value for these 80 units was Rs. What is the EOQ for soda? Product “B” has a contribution of Rs.

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Home Books About us Contact Us. There was no opening and closing Work- in process. Using the average cost method, what are the equivalent units of silentlips gmail. This could be because of shortage of material, staff hoursmachine capacity even money.


What will be the margin of safety ratio? The variable costs change in direct proportion to output if flexible budgeting approach is adopted, the budget controller can analyze the variance between actual costs and budgeted costs depending upon the actual level of activity attained during a mbt402 of time. BDH expects sales to be 30, units at Rs. Download mgt mid term 1. Material is added at the end of the process and conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the process.

mgt402 final term paper

Production units 22, 24, Papfr Materials per unit The current inventory of Kisty is 3, units. What is the margin of safety in Rs.

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They could be transferred from another department to undertake the work on the special order. The variable costs related tegm the table, including product and shipping costs, are Rs.

One item it sells is a small table that sells for Rs. The April1st, finished goods inventory will be 12, units. Prepare cash budget for the month of July. Download CS Past Papers. Download mgt mid term 7. Fixed costs are Rs.


mgt402 Final Term Solved papers

The company currently producing product S the standard cost details of which are given below: This is an example of an opportunity cost, a relevant cost for decision-making. Prepare factory overhead budget for the first quarter.

Separable Rs 11, fihal, Joint Rs 17, 26, Total 28, 43, Profit Loss Rs 75, 1, 74, Showing all calculations, determine the effect of closing department B on Franco Corporation mgt4022 make a recommendation. Assuming that the opening cash balance on July 01 is Rs. The budgeted data proposed by Cost Accountants are as follows: Orders arrive four days from the time they are placed.

If these calculators are upgraded at a total cost of Rs. Break-even sales are RsThis is constant practice.

The company budgeted sales for the year were Rs. The desired beginning and ending inventories of lumber are 10, and 20, board feet, respectively. The re-allocation continues until the numbers being dealt with become very small.

mgt402 final term paper