There was a time I liked him. Jimmy Carter was also seen as a weak leader and was a bit weak in many ways but also a scapegoat in a political situation where America projected its own weakness at that time on its leader. Perhaps, peace will not descend and reign on earth until I — and each of us individually — attain peace within ourselves. We follow the voice of authority — whether that voice is politician, pedagogue or priest. Usually the most popular articles bring a few out.

For me, putting the loyalty on his personal friend first rather then the interest of country and right cause is a deviation of the right path. Chalk one up for fickle minded voters if this happens. February 20, at 9: As for internal Filipino colonization — it has always been there. In January , retired Police Chief Superintendent Diosdado Valeroso claimed that he has a recording of an exchange of words between a government official and a lawmaker as one of the evidences that will be submitted in the Senate investigation on Mamasapano clash. The prior incidents involving the Marwan hunt should be a part of this inquiry. The ambassador describes the event as a “very sad development for those of us who care to see peace in the Philippines.

mamasapano encounter essay

How to consolidate a fragmented people, a fragmented archipelago, a not-yet-educated populace Dona Josefa the schoolteacher and had much influence on Marcos the man.

Who am I to judge when even the priests and bishops themselves associate themselves with these known corrupt people.

mamasapano encounter essay

I think the mission was carried out in good faith. Mistakes are not seen as an opportunity to learn how to do it better next time, they are seen as an invitation to ridicule or treat with scorn and contempt, honest people are seen as weak and foolish. A Filipino officer once told me that when push comes to shove, for example in a coup situation, the main loyalty of the Filipino soldier is to his commanding officer. To some extent, it could be merely based on personal bias perceptions, or maybe on the physical appearance and demeanor of that particular leader.


Hardly anybody acts like a true pro in the Philippines and that is the core of the problem — an immature society.

mamasapano encounter essay

The billionaire backer of the coup that Senator Santiago failed to name during her Senate rant is allegedly Bobby Ongpin, who was close to Arroyo and is close to Binay. Yes, there have to be firm checks on how mwmasapano is spent, and the BBL includes them, along with checkpoints for surrender of weapons.

Lessons from Mamasapano

But I imagine the scenario went something like this, as Purisima outlined the circumstances:. This is what they want the resource persons to say. If mamaaapano is true that Marwan was killed by the SAF Commandos, may the million dollar bounty be divided among the families of the policemen.

An inquiry conducted by the Senate shed some light on what happened on that fateful day. At this point in time, the Philippines is feeling very weak as a nation, left behind by its ASEAN neighbours and with China able to do what it wants. Purisima had hatched the plan. Congress next year May 23, On the other hand, some observer can see it on a more solid ground based on the actions that had been undertaken by that leader.


FDLS Online Magazine: Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

Retrieved January 30, Date January 25, Some foreign investors withdrew from investing in the country following the incident. Tibetan massage is primarily concerned with bringing the wind element into balance. I think it is time for sense to move to the forefront, and for the Philippines to get on with business. It would require an executive session to continue this dialogue, but I believe all the conference rooms are spoken for.

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There is little work done on research or building intricate stories because that costs money, and there is no payback on it. P it is not a disaster waiting to happen, the disaster was is happening right at this very moment.

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This conflict has had that edge of brutality about it for many decades. Until we are at peace with ourselves. I think a lot of the criticism is politically esday, not really in good faith. As truth commission drags on, the U.

Mamasapano clash

I want them dead too. Soften the line and push for accountability. We are all Filipinos. Napenas should not take mamasapanoo fall for the mission.