Aleemuddin, Mohammed A Pose invariant face recognition system using subspace techniques. Hammawa, Hassan Mixture models for dense fluids and polymers. Ahmad, Imtiaz Improvement of Eastern Saudi sabkha soils for road construction. Hussain, Syed Ehtesham Mechanisms of high durability performance of plain and blended cements. Azam, Muhammad Imran Impact of variability of Nakagami-m parameter on the performance of digital communication systems.

Khan, Asad Mohammad Removal of coliphage and bacteria through slow sand filtration. Amin, Ahmed Moeness M. Khan, Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Numerical simulation of turbulent natural convection in enclosures. Al-Fawzan, Mohammad Abdulrahman Mathematical models for quality in multistage production systems. Hussein, Ibnelwaleed Ali Hydrogen production by the electrolysis of saline water. Al-Mulhim, Khalid Abdulaziz Abdullah Transient temperature distibution in a tubesheet of a fixed tubesheet heat exchanger. Fairag, Faisal Abdul-Karim Spectral characterization of trees.

Hasan, Masudul Back-end design of a formal high level templte system. Al-Assar, Rajai Samih Unsteady hydrodynamic forces on spheroidal bodies. Farooqi, Johar Khurshid Fatigue damage characterization and life prediction in carbon fiber reinforced plastic composites.

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Pillai, Sunil Kumar G. Khan, Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Numerical simulation of turbulent natural convection in enclosures. Ahmed, Rabee Mohamed Kkfupm Development of an expert system for evaluating the environmental quality of office buildings. Al-Farayedhi, Abdulghani Abdallah A Comoputer-assisted analysis for thermodynamic processes and cycles.


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Ilyas, Irfan Ahmed A java based load balancing framework for network parallel applications. Sadath Ali The effect of temperature and salt contamination on corrosion of reinforcing steel in OPC and blended cement concretes.

Qhusro, Ahmed Abdul Mujeeb Invariant object recognition. Afroz, Syed Mohiuddin Effect of captive riders templwte intercity mode-choice modeling.

Vaqar, Sayyid Anas Self organizing variable structure controllers. Al-Mathami, Abdul Aziz A Study of corrosion control of mild htesis using inhibitors under atmospheric conditions. Ahmed, Mohammed Jameel License plate recognition system.

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templage Abdul-Majeed, Mohammed Arif Coherency based equivalents for long-term dynamic studies. Al-Jaziri, Abdul Karim Mohammad Experimental investigation of various physical factors affecting the stability of water-in-oil emulsions in oil production.

Al-Tawfiq, Ali Muhammad Thermodynamics of solution by gas liquid chromatography of nonmesomorphic solutes in the isotropic and nematic phases of liquid crystalline solvents.

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Fatehi, Ashraf Husein Ismail Binary separations by pressure swing adsorption processes. Al-Attas, Husain Salem On the blow-up by comparison. Bin-omar, Abdul Rahman Nonlinear finite element analysis of ferrocement beams. Zerguine, Azzedine Design of fractionally spaced equalizers. Al-Awwami, Zaki New mechanisms for improved adaptive routing in wormhole networks. Adam, Abubakar Implementation and validation of object-oriented design-level cohesion metrics.

Abdul Moied, Mohammed Assessment of automating facilities management current practices: Sekerdey, Ukhail Ahamed Optimal tool replacement and resetting strategies.


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Al Zahrani, Abdallah Muhammad Behavior of transmitted wave in gain media. Quddus, Abdul Heat transfer characteristics of ice solidification using a two-phase closed thermosyphon. Iyaz, Shoukat Templatr and improvement of rear-end traffic conflict model for safety evaluation of coordinated signal systems. Khan, Mohammad Shebder Kfu;m element analysis of nonprismatic beams and plates. Al-Hashim, Amin Ghalib S. Rasheed, Aiman Designing of objects using smooth cubic splines.

Fasiuddin, Mohammed HVAC system operation strategies for energy conservation and thermal comfort in commercial buildings in Saudi Arabia.

Khan, Esam Ali Hasan A Two-dimensional geometric-shapes-based compression scheme for deterministic testing of systems-on-a-chip. Ali, Syed Ahmed Effects of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and water on catalytic hydrogenation of propylbenzene. Khan, Faisal Lfupm FSM state-assignment for area, power and testability using non-deterministic evolutionary heuristics. Al-Ali, Mustafa Naser Ali Use of vibrator performance data to improve near-surface velocity determination.

Al-Naffouri, Tareq Yousef Adaptive filtering using the least-mean mixed-norms algorithm and its application to echo cancellation.