Today, the market is saturated with groundbreaking design projects and competition from around the world. To some extent, I knew this already. Any part of the wire generating flux elsewhere is waste and the cost is i squared r. The main difference is that different PMSM’s can be designed with different rotor-stator flux linkages to meet different design goals. I have made some torque measurements on a off the shelf RC plane outrunner motor with its ESC in “high timing” and “low timing” mode. It’s clear that the author put a tremendous amount of effort into this thesis, more than I can even comprehend.

It’s clear that the author put a tremendous amount of effort into this thesis, more than I can even comprehend. I use yellow to make the edge more visible, but mostly it’s to balance them. No motion is required for torque generation. The 6 FET bridge is between the three phase windings and a bank of caps which supply the adjustable voltage. Maybe it’s a reasonable assumption at low speed or for motors with very low inductance like coreless motors. This is field weakening.

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Guillaume December 8, at 6: There are too many reasons why one motor might dissipate more heat than another that it would be hard to say it’s due to the back-EMF shape which is not necessarily the same as the current waveform shape.

The simple DC motor model.

Is itimplementing field-oriented control or is it six-step BLDC? It has to do with the layout of magnets and coils and steel. Well said I might add also. I use yellow to make the edge more visible, but mostly it’s to balance them.


Shane Colton September 20, at But I promise you that if you have at any point been frustrated by the inconsistent or incomplete thesus of electic motors found on the interwebs, or by the abstracted and overly complex theory in research papers and electric machine textbooks, this report is what you’ve been missing.

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That article explained a lot, Curt. Interesting, then it could be an effect of inductance. Download Now With over years of production history, the automotive industry has been at the forefront of manufacturing technology since its inception. Thanks for the interesting post!

But speaking engineeringly if it contains the word “turn” then it’s a winding and not a “connection”.

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David Yehuda September 28, at 6: That’s sort-of obvious, but the less obvious conclusion is that, taking the limit of the power conversion through the back EMF as speed approaches zero, the torque “constant” is the same period function of rotor position. As a counter-example, larger motors often called “brushless AC” or “permanent magnet AC” tend to have skewed magnets and overlapped windings in a large number of slots, so their back EMF looks more sinusoidal.

At zero speed, you can take the limit of this to find that torque is still proportional to current. Sc thesis has been quoted many times on ES says this about the flux created by end turns: It’s as if the back EMF “constant” for a given phase is actually a periodic function of the rotor position.

Current in the wire around the iron tooth generates flux in the iron.


So another way to look at it is that the torque produced by each phase is simply the base shape of this same rotor position-dependent function names by the current going into the phase.

Thanks a lot for your help! Shane Colton September 25, at 4: Guillaume June 18, at 1: V and I measured by a wattmeter would probably be DC input voltage and current. If you divide by the speed of the motor, this gives you the torque.

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Whether the transformative technology of the day was the assembly line, the integration of robotics into the manufacturing process, or the switch from steel to aluminum frame chasses, the automotive industry has consistently implemented advanced technology into its manufacturing and production workflow to improve manufacturing and product performance.

I sort-of knew this already. Is this the right explanation? It’s a good question and jwmes to understanding torque generation in this type of motor!

james mevey thesis

This is also always true. Other times, the information I find contradicts other things I’ve read or just makes things thhesis confusing. I keep thinking about what you wrote about the bEMF that can be higher than the applied thesix with field weakening If they are even slightly loose they actually make noise from the phase changes and some from the PMW if driven that way which is why sine wave driven motors are a little more quiet.