Because of the interdisciplinary applicability of a semantic analysis, this method is also highly recommendable to every researcher that is concerned with Dutch discourses on socio-political issues, since until today. Een politieke geschiedenis van Nederland Amsterdam, Aerts, Remieg, Het aanzien van de politiek. It does not have to do everything. As even until the second half of the nineteenth century, the Netherlands had been divided as a country, national feelings were practically non-existent. As mentioned above, it would last until the s for the liberals to become more united in a political movement. The link between education and volksverheffing, social mobility, is not obvious at first sight, but has, to some extent been researched before. Is it possible that the word functioned as an umbrella-concept for several words with a coherent meaning?

The actual result of this ideology in the liberal discourse is discussed below. The fact that these words are spoken in a discussion on tuition fees suggests that Van der Feltz too thinks that the actual upbringing happens in a professional environment, and not within the family — for free. Modern Parliaments in the Low Countries, in: By connecting them, four different contexts arise: The following therefore consists of a short sketch of the political environment in the Netherlands leading up to and in the period between and and an analysis of a compilation of liberal quotations in the same period from these contexts:

Log In Sign Up. Together with Bos, Smidt did not completely exclude families from the process of upbringing, but both granted only a passive role to the family to play in this process. Jansing, Meer kennis, meer kans.

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Even the possibility of universal suffrage was discussed. One of the liberal arguments in favour of a constitutional extension of the right to vote and to be elected that was brought up was that this constitutional revision could bring a change to inleidig the population. While answering these questions, the framework of a semantic discourse on the meaning and function of education arises, and that is exactly what this research aims for.

InKetelaar said: The content of this quote does not differ significantly from the other citations presented above, especially the last part is a mere echo of the discussed liberal point of view on volksverheffing and the good 68 Handelingen der Staten Generaal II, In case of the former, they would transfer from being fighters for individual peace and liberty into being the advocates of discipline and momentum.


Parliamentary history however is not the only field that this thesis contributed to. I fully agree with those who see the family as the cornerstone of our entire society and those who value the upbringing within the domestic sphere at the highest. Digital history With a thedis last words, I would like to conclude by returning to my methodology because one of the goals of this thesis, inleicing explained in the introduction, lied within the approach itself, and I wish to strike another blow for the benefits of Digital History.

Volksverheffing was not as much about obtaining factual knowledge or useful skills, but about disciplining and emancipating the masses. These benefits are not always financially measurable but it is undeniable that qualitative education influences the condition thewis the entire population.

The beschavingsoffensieven at the turn of the century 33 have thoroughly been researched as well, just as the role of education. Stefan Gradmann has shown, the semantic approach, within Digital Humanities, means a shift in the way books, or containers of information as he calls them, are perceived.

After the School Debate was mainly fought over the — lack of — financial support of the separated special education, an issue that would not be put to rest by the confessional parties and to what the liberals refused to give in to.

The state gives directions on the subjects that are taught in education, but that is not a way of upbringing: Although this party was meant to function as an assembly to both conservative and progressive liberals, after this caesura some of the right and left-winged movements would split off in the years afterwards.

But was there no kuleuvven attention to the role of the family when it came to upbringing? First of all, it presumes that, as was concluded above, children who did not attend schools before, were practically undisciplined.


Inleiding tot de klinische seksuologie

Hanneke Hoekstra, Kkuleuven hart van de natie. International Journal of the History of Education, Vol. The first place where one should start is of course the public school. But the state is involved in this context as well, and it has its own interests in education.

inleiding thesis kuleuven

It does not hold any claims to build on the well-developed semantic approaches in other academic disciplines as linguistics, and is merely inspired by the emerging developments in Digital Humanities and its focus on content and context. Master Thesis KU Leuven. Eventually, liberal rule thesie policies would then lead the Netherlands to the individualistic socio-cultural environment of a night watch state.

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For a complete and excellent research into the Social Issue, see: Morele verontwaardiging en politieke verandering in Nederland Amsterdam, The liberal semantic use of the word education turned it in fact into a concept that had a convertible meaning. Talsma, De verzuiling voorbij. From the relevant documents that the searching engine would bring up, the debates that discussed four specific and different topics were chosen, all four were relevant and current socio-political issues at the moment see below and therefore forming interesting contexts.

On the one hand, it aims to give an anthology of the possibilities of such a semantic approach to inleidign Handelingen by appointing tbesis contexts and showing the meaning kileuven a vocabulary in different contexts in the past.

However, as the next parliamentary year would bring the final School Act that would equalise special and public schools, his quote can in all likelihood be seen as a concluding and wishful sigh for unity.

College Kuleven and Communication Vol. One of the factors I wish to mention is the decrease of criminality in England after the implementation of compulsory school attendance yonder.

inleiding thesis kuleuven