Example of Title Page with coursework. Requirements, Academic Regulations TH. As of March 24, Th. However, the detailed conditions are listed below:. Apply this rule also to names from other ethnic groups native to Malaysia such as Ibans or Kadazans. Questionnaires were also distributed to postgraduate students to get their opinions on the presentation of the manual to ensure as much as possible that it is reader-friendly. The student secures a project which is sponsored by a third party abroad and implements it in the University.

Title page Abstract page ii Table of contents Main text separated. Start display at page:. They are used to supplement the text, and therefore should be within the text or continue on the following page. Example of Title Page without coursework. Chapter Heading and Subheadings.

Students are therefore advised to read the content of the manual carefully instead of to follow the format in which the manual presents itself. We appreciate the good effort and contribution given by everyone involved.

Handbook Articles Table of Contents I. In either case, each table must be centred horizontally on the page, and within the four margins. With these pages, the left edge When numbers are used together with the level headings, the space between the number and the text should also be adjusted to 8 mm.

iium thesis manual

Guidelines for Writing the M. Each list should be placed under a separate heading and if necessary on a separate page. McLeod 1 This is an outline of editing, style, and production procedures and schedules for volumes published.



Abdel Nasser, Gamal Not: Please note that if two supervisors are listed, the first one naturally refers to the main supervisor. Shaded areas such as countries on a map should be represented by cross-hatching or in colour.

Since the bottom margin is 3. Position Ideally, each table should iimu immediately after the first reference to it. The Graduate School More information.


This should include the ways in which you will gather data and the research plan including the research design, experimental procedures and statistical analysis. The legend should be single-spaced manul span the width of the figure.

There should be double spacing between items and single spacing within items. Therefore, you are advised to plan ahead and get the proper guidance and maanual from your supervisor s and Kulliyah on this matter. When in doubt, More information. This document may not be copied without the written consent.

IIUM Thesis Manual

College of Education, Health, and Human Services. Each page is counted and numbered as usual.

However, for a question that has a question, the question mark is placed outside the quotation marks. The colour of the cover must be as follows: Requirements, Academic Regulations TH. However, between the last paragraph of a section and a Level Two subsequent subheading, there should be tehsis spaces 3.


iium thesis manual

Students must be aware of these conditions at the initial thseis of their enrolment. Each type of note should begin from the same margin with the table on a new line and possibly justified.

iium thesis manual

If there are brackets after the quotation mark, the comma or period is after the brackets, such as in the following example: Did she say I m going? Labels or symbols rather than only colours should also identify lines on a graph. General Rules of Transliteration.

The code lays down supervisory responsibilities that included commitment, consistency in managing and monitoring supervisee; maintaining ethical supervisor-supervisee relationship and interaction; and continuously engaged in developing oneself professionally. The table thedis and mwnual are to be placed at the beginning of the table; only the table number is given in the succeeding pages, for example, “Table 2 – Continued. The appearance of the finished work should be neat.

This is because these methods reproduce colour as black, white and shades of grey; illustrations and photographs should not depend on colour alone for interpretation.