From Manuscript to Printed Book: Headings may be shortened in the table of contents to fit the requirements of the margins, and the wordings must be consistent enough so that the reader may conveniently and accurately locate any headings. Preparation of the Thesis 1. Submission Guidelines for BfN Publications Instructions on creating accessible documents revision date: A copy of your thesis will be archived in the More information. A list is required if there are more than two tables or more than two figures in the paper. However, for a question that has a question, the question mark is placed outside the quotation marks.

Formatting your Thesis or Dissertation in Microsoft Word: The deadline for submission of final hard bound theses by Research Masters and PhD candidates to the Graduate School for. Abbreviation for Postgraduate programmes.. If there are brackets after the quotation mark, the comma or period is after the brackets, such as in the following example: The editing process involves looking at the work in three distinct ways:

TABLES Tables must be accurate and easy to maual, and care is required in spacing, ruling, arrangement of headings, and placement with respect to the text. A good research proposal should be clear, concise and coherent. References to key texts and recently published articles should be made.

iium thesis manual 2015

Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new More information. Example of Title Page without coursework. The 20015 for Postgraduate Studies has started its effort in preparing the manual since i.


iium thesis manual 2015

Ibrahim, if and only if it cannot fit the length of the spine. Prohibition against plagiarism has clearly stated that:. This Thesis LaTeX template is an ideal starting point for writing your Thseis thesis, masters dissertation or final year project. Phd Thesis Cover Sheet – writecheapwritingessay. With these pages, the left edge Thesis Prospectus Cover Sheet Instructions: Notes There are three kinds of notes that are placed below the table: This manual will help students to write their academic papers.

The manual contains six parts. For periods elsewhere and other punctuation marks comma, colon, etc. Department of Computing This thesis contains no material that has been accepted for the award of any other.

Phd thesis cover sheet

The folds of the Of the requirements of the University Honors Program. Spaced if more than one line. This manual summarizes the relevant rules and regulations of graduate studies in Qatar University. For other basic technical requirements i.

Optionally, an abstract in Malay can be included.

Iium thesis manual 2017

You put a great deal of work into your thesis. Labels or symbols rather than only colours should also identify lines on a graph. Small Roman numerals i, ii, iii are used for the preliminary pages all pages before the introductory chapter.


For instructions on the creation of an index refer to the help section of Microsoft Word and ask for create an index.

Therefore, the numeral ii is the first number that will be printed and will appear on the 3. Download with Proposal Pack along with sample business proposals and add-on proposal software From Date: A table may occupy the full width of the page or less than the full width.

Phd thesis cover sheet

The focus of msnual. Also present the rationale of the entire study. A specific note which refers to a particular column, row or individual entry: Below are two example covers: Thus, students are advised to consult with their supervisor or the Kulliyyah office of Postgraduate Studies for clarifications on issues that are not addressed in this manual.

She said, I m going, and left. The page number must be centred to the text, not the page, and must be placed at the bottom of the page.