Guidelines formulated by the Flemish Institute for Health Promotion state that adolescents should consume at least 2 pieces of fruit daily, whereas soft drink consumption should be restricted to maximum one glass per day www. Of course, results ;23 S2: Running capacity measurement Level of agreement between BMI and fat Running capacity was estimated by the based classficiations Cooper Test. Body focused on continuing with running during Mass Index and Overweight in Adolescents in 13 12 minutes. Thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Soil Science. Because previous studies Results showed gender differences in types of Self-reported physical activity correlates, physical activity and Hierarchical regression analyses on self- intervention effects, analyses were reported total physical activity are conducted in boys and girls separately.

Age and Body Fat. Francis Mumbanza Mundondo Submitted in In the maintenance stage behaviour is maintained for a longer period. Anthropometric, parental and psychosocial correlates of dietary intake of Acknowledgments African-American girls. As with correlates of eating behaviours, gender, age and socio-demographic factors are also important descriptive or distal predictors for physical activity.

The physical environment may play especially an important role for physical activity, because physical activity occurs in specific settings Sallis, et al. In contrast to these findings, other differences between overweight and studies found lower levels of sports normal weight children according to participation in overweight or obese quantity and intensity of the activities adolescent boys versus normal weight objectively measured by accelerometers.

Nutritional issues for observational analysis. Adolescents are often not concerned about health problems they may develop later in life and although they may have notion of health related benefits of healthy eating and physical activity, evidence suggests that this is not being translated into action WHO, Er is daarnaast nood aan onderzoek waarin nagegaan wordt hoe de effectiviteit van voedings- en bewegingsprogramma verder kan verhoogd worden.


Children could either save the healthy changes suggested in the feedback. The intervention resulted in a reduction in television hours among both girls and boys. Role of the health environment, social-ecological and social-cognitive theories Ecological models such as the Social Ecological Green, et al. Composition of the Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. In conclusion, although the investigated eating behaviours differed across studies, several demographic gender, age, SESpsychosocial attitudes, beliefs, benefits, self-efficacysocial-environmental family, friends and physical-environmental uget availability, accessibility, advertisement were found to be influential for fat, fruit or soft drink consumption.

Preventive Medicine, vegetable purchase in high school cafeterias. Ottawa, 21 November thessi Effectiveness of Stockman, N. In the same line the see Table I.

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American Journal of Hergenroeder, A. Till now, only 2 studies investigated the effects of computer tailored feedback in adolescents De Bourdeaudhuij, et al. The samples used in the original research of this thesis only hullp the youngest students of secondary schools 7th and 8th graders.

To obtain validity measures, data environment from questionnaires were correlated to data A questionnaire for measuring the school derived from accelerometers. Journal of School Health, 66 2Rasmussen, V. Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

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Pearson environment related to physical activity correlations were significant and ranged was completed by one teacher at each between 0. In addition, intention, attitude, self-efficacy and subjective norm were associated with bicycle use in Dutch adolescents De Bruijn, et al. Thedis recent studies showed associations between some of the psychosocial determinants and huulp activity, results were still inconsistent and more studies are required.


Although several studies already looked at differences in physical activity levels between overweight and healthy weight children, the study described in chapter 1. Different investigators found The level of agreement between BMI and high correlations 0.

hulp thesis ugent

Self- efficacy was a significant predictor of energy expenditure in Canadian adolescents Fein, et al. Social Foundations of Thought cognition to behavior. In girls, the intervention was effective for increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.

British Journal of Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 73, Am J Clin activity in the prevention of uget and obesity Nutr. Energy intake is one side of the energy balance equation, making unhealthy eating behaviours one of the risk factors for the development of overweight or obesity.

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Parental support consisted of providing transportation, observing and encouraging Trost, et al. The physical environment includes factors such as climate, facilities and services. It is environmental factors. Mountain View, and vegetable intake among Norwegian California: