The hypothesis can be: Because I know little about the disease and knowing the concern that the reporting of this disease has brought on the residents of the nursing home, I felt that it was my responsibility to know more about the disease and how to prevent its spread. Choose a health care study. View in Fullscreen Report. Include a title page at the beginning of your bibliography.

As an assistant manager of a nursing home, I know that many of the residents have watched the news reports on the Ebola outbreak in Africa and its potential outbreak in the United States. What is the purpose of the study? In what way was a conceptual model or theoretical framework used to guide this study? In what ways does the literature review support the need for this study? All selected articles must come from the UOP library. Explain the different types of research methodologies used in the health sciences.

The 3 research articles can be based on the same or different topics.

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Part 1 List and explain the steps in the research process 50 to words each Part 2 Answer the following prompt in 50 to words. This Tutorial contains 2 Papers. Include a title page at the beginning of your worksheet. Cite 3 peer-reviewed or scholarly references. Part 3 List and provide a brief description of three types of qualitative and quantitative research designs 50 to words each. Review ethical principles learned this Assignment Week. Evaluating the Research Process Grading Criteria. The background statement answers the following questions: Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking Complete the following worksheet.


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How would you apply one of these research hsc in your workplace? You may use a research study you identified in the Assignment Week Two Annotated Bibliography assignment if appropriate but no. What are the independent and dependent study variables?

What are the similarities between this ethical case and any others you have researched for this class?

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What were the findings? What was the answer to the research question?

Include the following for each bibliography: How could knowledge of this topic biblilgraphy you as a health care administrator? Patient scheduling Patient safety Readmission rates Staffing Healthcare reform Medicaid reimbursement Complete an annotated bibliography with 3 to 5 references to be used in the Learning Team assignment, From Theory to Practice, due in Week Three.

Why is survey research considered a weak research technique? Write a t.

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What type of statistical analysis was used? Implicit in this overview is the recognition by the researcher that both secondary data—document-based data, organizational material,library books, and journals—and primary data—empirical, qualitative, and quantitative data incorporated by a survey, experiment, and soon in a real-time fashion—was gathered to make the study comprehensive, fully researched, and as rigorous as a project must be within thescientific method of data planning, gathering, and analysis.

Make sure both the full text and peer review boxes are checked 5. Provide one example of using the research process in your workplace or personal life. Summarize the article by explaining how the article applies to customer service or consumerism in health care. The research article may not identify a specific reason the research is important to health care administrators.


View in Fullscreen Report. Search the University Library for peer- reviewed articles related to an administrative health care issue.

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The purpose of the study was to create awareness of the Ebola outbreak, to provide statistical data to give an accurate account of the scope of the outbreak, and to identify known methods to minimize exposure, recognize symptoms, and prevent annotared. Compare and contrast between qualitative and quantitative research bibluography. How does reviewing research literature while conducting the research process provide a framework for the hypothesis statement?

Format your reference section and references used in your prompts according to APA guidelines.

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Write a t. Cite the peer-reviewed article you selected for this assignment. Read the Text Version. Why is the problem important for health care administrators to study?