Textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing, petroleum refining, fishing. Some eruptive periods have lasted decades and perhaps as much as several centuries and might appear to include multiple large explosive eruptions. Alert systems and US Military helicopters were helpful in the evacuation. Electricity went off, water was contaminated, road links were destroyed, and telephone links were cut. The collaborative work of scientists from the U. This page was last edited on 20 May , at Help with recovery, aid — local, regional and international, role of NGOs.

In late May, the number of seismic events under the volcano fluctuated from day-to-day. In , a growing lava dome formed an island, which was eventually submerged by the lake. The eruption had a significant effect on ozone levels in the atmosphere, causing a large increase in the destruction rate of ozone. Resettlement for these two need to take into consideration the factors of their socio-cultural and socioeconomic differences. Since the eruption, each heavy rain has brought massive lahars from the volcano, displacing thousands of people and inflicting extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure costing billions to repair.

Pinatubo Volcano Case Study (1991)

Read these excellent case study notes. Consider that in there was no easy access to the internet, no connections to other data sets or scientists other than by telephone. Trends in rate and character of seismicity, earthquake hypocenter locations, or other measured parameters were not conclusive casw forecasting an eruption.

However, the eruption was only minor, and since that episode, the volcano has been quiet.

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The June 15 eruption had a volcanic explosivity index VEI of 6, and came some — years after the volcano’s last known eruptive activity. Pinatubo” Archived at Archive. Ash deposits from the eruption have also been remobilized by monsoon and typhoon rains to form giant mudflows of volcanic materials laharswhich have caused more destruction than the eruption itself photo at right shows village buried by lahars.


It was an andesite and dacite stratovolcano whose eruptive activity was much less explosive than modern Pinatubo. Before the eruption, these river systems were important ecosystemsbut the eruption filled many valleys with deep pyroclastic deposits.

The lake deepened by about one metre 3.

geography case study mount pinatubo

He recognized two life histories of the mountain, which he classified as “ancestral” and “modern” Pinatubo. Much of the rugged land around the present volcano consists of remnants of “ancestral” Pinatubo. Aeta elders tell many stories about the history of the mountain, the best cade being that it was once a Batung Mabye Kapampangan language for “living stone”.

geography case study mount pinatubo

The Pinatubo Volcano Observatory in was a self-contained unit; data from the monitoring network were radioed to it and the analysis was done by scientists on-site. Had geogfaphy typhoon not been present, the death toll would have been lower.

Mt pinatubo case study

For successful natural hazard mitigation, it all comes down to the right combination of monitoring data and scientific skill, and then just as important, scientists and public officials who are effective at communicating with each other and with the public who may be in harm’s way. Also the volcano ejected 10km 3 of magma.

Tropical Storm Yunya was passing 75 km 47 miles to the northeast of Mount Pinatubo, causing a large amount of rainfall in the region. This event showed the need to engage in scientific studies to reassess the current policies and knowledge on areas with risk of eruption.

Punongbayan also called his friend, Dr.

The United States Geological Service helped to predict the disaster. This was a massive relief for the team, but this first initial eruption was only the warm up, and the big boy was yet to come. The willingness of base commanders, public officials and citizens to take the necessary precautions lessened the risk from this catastrophic eruption. In March and Aprilmagma started rising towards the surface from more than 20 miles beneath Pinatubo.


The collaborative work of scientists from the U. Geological mapping showed that much of the surrounding plains were formed by lahar flood deposits from previous eruptions.

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The eruption of Mount Pinatubo sent lahars and pyroclastic flows down the mountain, wiping out bridges and other infrastructure downstream. Bakil nin Pinatobo ; Kapampangan: Other versions have it that Pinatubo’s peak shattered because of Namalyari’s immense fury in an attempt to teach humans goegraphy meaning of fear and show how misdeeds will be punished.

Some of the nearby peaks are the remnants of ancestral Pinatubo, left behind when the softer parts of the old mountain slopes were eroded by weathering. The New York Times.

By then, almost all aircraft had been removed from Clark and local residents had evacuated.

Moreover, to hasten the implementation of the basic services for the afflicted, private sectors, including the NGOs, took part in offering relief. Email required Address never made public.

Despite it being possibly a little dated, it is an incredible case study to carry on through your revision!