Discussion on the most effective and time-efficient feedback modes has been going on for decades. Suggestions for Better Screencasting As screencast feedback might be time-consuming, the teacher could provide feedback selectively, particularly to those assignments that have a higher share in the global class grade Whitehurst, July 16, Probably due to its professional appearance, creating a screencast could be thought of the job of an expert. Mudimbe, Yi-Fu Tan, and others to examine the literary representation of the Sahara in contemporary Sahrawi literature. This makes video feedback a practical tool that could help improve the quality of EFL writing. At any rate, the provider of feedback should keep it brief in order not to bore students.

Although screencast feedback has some potential benefits, some of which have been supported by research, it is not common in foreign language contexts. To have to do with the law: The first step could be to get familiar with the content of the writing. Computers and Composition, 29, Help Center Find new research papers in: Such positive attitudes towards screencast feedback could be attributed to various features of it. Another possible reason could be related with clearer feedback.

Finally, some students may not want to get out of their comfort zones and insist on receiving feedback through traditional modes.

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In a fragmented national space, the urban poor remain excluded from negotiations of life and futures in common. This is because the teacher has to allocate some time uploading the videos on the Internet and sharing them with students. At any rate, the provider of feedback should keep it brief in order not to bore students.

Notes for a Performance: Globally considered, screencast feedback in its current state could take as much time as feedback provided through the written medium.


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Computers and Composition, 29, Maps and Territories identifies such preoccupations as a fundamental underlying impetus for the contemporary French novel. However, more experienced feedback providers could make mental notes of major strengths and weaknesses of the written work. Click here to sign up. The impact of text versus video communication on instructor feedback in blended courses.

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Basado en un estudio Wherever data travel, the quality and quantity of data can serve as ethical affordances for assigning blame to staff technicians. However, it is quite easy to create professional-looking screencasts with the help of user- friendly software.

Furthermore, spatial representation of hegemony and power and the intertwined structure of representation and colonial discourse is depicted.

It has become much easier to create videos of computer screens accompanied by voice-over and to share these videos on platforms that are fast, reliable and free.

Essay kalıpları – Proficiency, IELTS, TOEFL

But what happens to their relations when data production is outsourced, widely separating Enhancing the assessment experience: The space of the Sahara is rendered both concrete and abstract rssay these literary productions.

Active Learning in Higher Education, 15 1 To have to do with the law: Which of these methods of learning is best for you?

Another suggestion is related with the use of a pen or drawing tools to highlight particular aspects of student writing. This last voice suggests the disruption of the flow of textuality in order for materiality to flood in.

For example, Jing does not allow its users to zoom in a particular section of the screen, but using an application like ZoomIt, one could increase the capabilities of the software. Interactive Videos in Foreign Language Instruction: Stretch your digital dollar.


Spatial justice as a concept seems to be at home in many disciplines, such as geography, sociology, law, politics, philosophy and so on. Using video technology for improving student writing. Inspired of his own life story, Said’s path-breaking approaches and conceptions like “imagined geographies” mediated with the geographical habitus not only made a revolutionary contribution to the understanding of politics and culture of the time but also paved the way for geography to open up itself to craved hot discussions.

By contrast, the moral figure of the excessively demanding data user does not travel beyond the observatory, and the social accountability of interactions that visiting astronomers experience in the observatory’s control room is confined to its situated enactment. In other words, with the newborn interest in the “spatial”, both human geography and other fields that had ignored a critical geographical perspective till then attained new prospects.

In this study, I draw from the theories of Henri Lefebvre, V. Ads help cover our server costs.

A new gadget in your toolbox. Camtasia in the classroom: Possible Challenges and Future of Screencasting Although screencast feedback significantly reduces the time spent for writing comments, it is not possible to say that this mode of feedback is a real time saver.