Retrieved October 15, They have also estimated that the loss would be around Rs crore. This page was last edited on 2 May , at At least , people affected by Aila. The cyclone had been christened Aila.

May 26] Mr Mamud Hossain, saha-sabhadhipati of the zilla parishad, said The Indian Journal of Medical Research What More Needs to be done? The wind speed had by then gain reached kmph. Disaster alerts and signals should be tailored to the target population.

Wealthier households ccase able to invest more money in the construction of homes and are usually built in close proximity to a cyclone shelter Mallick and Vogt South 24 Parganas District.

cyclone aila case study geography

Additionally the forest remains under an estimated 2. Cyclone Sidr and Cyclone Aila: Integrated Regional Information Networks. Of them 80, people have been rescued till late this afternoon, Mr Dasgupta [West Bengal Minister for Finance] said.

cyclone aila case study geography

Cyclone toll rises to 45, rescue ops begin”. Community engagement in disaster preparedness. Two years later on May 25,a category 1 cyclone—Aila—struck the south-west coast of Bangladesh.

cyclone aila case study geography

Roads gepgraphy also blocked by floodwaters or debris, hampering relief efforts. Journal of Bangladesh Institute of Planners 2: The Case of Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh.


The Bay of Bengal provides a backdrop for the impacts of two cyclones—Sidr and Aila —that occurred in andrespectively. Hoffman and Anthony Oliver-Smith, eds.

Following the cyclone, the north-eastern part of Dacopa upazila in the Khulna district reported outbreaks of skin disease, diarrhea, and dysentery M. There was considerable anticipation that cyclone Sidr was going to be the impetus of disease outbreaks because of its magnitude.

Cyclone Aila

Cyclone Aila – IWP Blog The following images are from Anil Gulati, offering us a first hand look at the cyclone hit areas in a set of sparse yet telling images. May 26] Mr Mamud Hossain, saha-sabhadhipati of the zilla parishad, said Lessons for Climate Adaptation? This is indicative that while improvements may be made in regard to technological abilities, there still remains the issue of certain populations remaining outside the purview of these advances.

In India, at least people were killed, [11] [12] two by electrocution, and hundreds others were left homeless as torrential cyclonr led to flooding.

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Local Perspective on L D in the context of extreme events. The Red Cross also quickly responded, supplying water purifying tablets and other relief items.

Several homes were damaged in the area and power was cut due to fallen trees and power lines. North 24 Parganas District.

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International Journal of Climatology 23 9: This article needs to be aial. It was the worst natural disaster to affect Bangladesh since Cyclone Sidr in November The next day, the army used helicopters to provide food to the affected population.

Populations along the coastal region and off-shore islands are further marginalized due geogrraphy higher rates of illiteracy, poverty, and social stratification. Retrieved from ” https: In Dacope Upazila alone, more than 50, people were left homeless. What More Needs to be done? The study also found that there was a strong association between access to media and the decision to evacuate or seek shelter Raj, Ullah and Akhter Retrieved May 31,