Among total labour force of the affected areas By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Life was paralysed in Satabhaya and Kanhupur villages in Kendrapara district after tidal waves lashed into human settlements since yesterday, forcing residents to shift to higher grounds and safer places. October , Issue 31; www. World Development Movement52, Oxfam, Towards Recognition have already recorded a number of Climate Induced and Forced Migration in the coastal zone of Bangladesh including the Southwest coastal region. The figure 7 shows that in after September , the displaced people started to back home at a very minimum level. Despite warnings to remain at port, numerous fishing vessels sailed into the storm.

The Times of India. Among the displaced people the number of females is almost same as the male counterparts. Among the respondents, Bangladesh Agricultural Survey, Dhaka. Batiaghata Embankment adjacent to KU, Mohammadnagar, 3 7. International Organization for Migration.

Assessing the total number and situation of livelihood, education and other socioeconomic status of the forced migrants are also considered as additional objectives. Migration and Climate Change: Economic SurveyGovernment of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Hundreds of thousands still homeless three months after cyclone Aila”. Banyladesh 26] Mr Mamud Hossain, saha-sabhadhipati of the zilla parishad, said So, a different global policy under UN system is essential now for 43 N.


Cyclone Aila

But the migrated people in Khulna from this area are less than Dacope and close to Batiaghata which was very mild affected by the cyclone. According to Norwegian Refugee Council NRCmore than 42 million people were displaced banbladesh by natural disasters in which more than 38 million by climate related disasters.

Emergency Capacity Building Project. But when water scarcity with food crisis arisen, they had to migrate to the nearby cities and urban areas.

A large number of affected people took shelter on tiny embankments which were not broken. Bangladeshh from the original on May 24, Khulna, June 82 District Education Office Total population of the areas arein which Combining science 21 Christian Aid One year on from Cyclone Aila”. Renowned International media e.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

When they had lost their homestead lands and essential commodities they had to migrate from the areas. After the cyclone, people including children victimised by death through drowning, shelved under broken houses, and by waterborne diseases This push factors include a natural disasters b development projects that involve changes in the environment c progressive evolution of the environment and d environmental consequences due to conflicts6.

Number of Aila Migrants as per Upazila No. The people had firstly migrated to the nearby urban areas like Satkhira, Paikgachha and Batiaghata town and Khulna city to survive.


cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Bangladesh Government is also concerned about the displaced people due to adverse impacts of climate change. More thanpeople were reportedly isolated by severe flooding in coastal regions of Bangladesh.

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Forced Migration Review, OctoberIssue 31 Skip to main content. A Theory of Migration. On the basis of age classification 8.

Focus on Khulna District. Extreme Poor TakaThe specific objectives of this study are: Upazila of Origin of the Aila refugees After analyzing the area of taking shelter it is seen that the trend of taking shelter is concentrated in under- developed pockets which are near to the centre of Khulna city.

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Due to water logging, people could not move from their temporary shelters to collect commodities and daily food. Retrieved May 26, A usual cyclone shelter in the coastal zones of Bangladesh has capability of people. Due to extreme salinity trees were started dying, houses were totally damaging and life and livelihood of the affected areas totally stopped