Numbers of doctorates awarded in the United States. Literature review should provide the context to the research question, and should demonstrate that the question is worth asking. A critique and a proposal. Style is appropriate for the intended audience. To re-imagine and redesign the EdD will require innovation, a commitment that has now been made by the growing membership of CPED, now collaborating on a global stage to rethink the fundamental purpose of doctoral education with specific focus on the professional practice doctorate, the EdD. The professional doctorate in education:

Scholarly practitioners blend practical wisdom with professional skills and knowledge to name, frame, and solve problems of practice. Figure 1 shows a frequency distribution of total scores for the 25 DiPs submitted for review. Retrieved from Open Educational Resources Commons website: Two submissions implemented results of their study and showed immediate impact. Data were gathered with an online survey, interviews, analyses of 25 Dissertations in Practice submitted in to the Committee.

Provides opportunities for candidates to develop and demonstrate collaboration and communication skills to work with diverse communities and to build partnerships.

Examining EdD Dissertations in Practice: The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate

Universities are offering several DiP design choices: Many of the DiP submissions lacked clear evidence of impact on practice, a characteristic that is foundational to the Working Principles. What is agreed upon by the consortium is that the DiP is focused on practice, and that local context matters.


In their view, the difference between a PhD and a Professional Practice Doctorate is the demonstration of knowledge production that makes a significant contribution to the profession. The second CPED principle, inquiry as practice, poses significant questions focused on complex problems of practice. Innovative Higher Education, 18 147— Rethinking doctorial education for the twenty-first century.

As for measures of central tendency, the median of 3 Targetand a grand mean of 2.

cped dissertation in practice

He received his Ph. However, Shulman et al. Background The Association of American Colleges and Universities define the EdD as a terminal degree, presented as an opportunity to prepare for academic, administrative, or specialized positions in education.

Assuring and enhancing academic quality, Chapter B Demonstrable evidence of how ideas have been synthesized in the light of experience and in the context of academic literature, and how this has created new knowledge. Supporting a small, private university face the challenges of crafting an innovative scholar-practitioner doctorate. Common to all is the emphasis on critical assessment of the originality of findings presented in the dissertation in the context of the literature and the research.

She earned a Ph. Among these studies, a few took their inquiry directly into the classroom. In this section, we turn to the international community for guidance in answering two major issues concerning the CPED Award Committee as they wrestled with the assessment criteria.


An ongoing discussion has centered on dissertarion nature of the final capstone of CPED influenced programs which Hamilton et al. Bi-annual, three-day CPED convenings include graduate students, college deans, clinical faculty, teachers, college professors, and school administrators from member practcie. Across the range of individual responses 2 reviewers x 25 dissertations x 6 survey itemsa 1 Unacceptable was selected only four times, while 4 Exceptional was selected 50 times.

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Getting ideas into action: Integrates both theory and practice to advance practical knowledge. The degree favorably places graduates for leadership responsibilities or executive-level professional positions across the education industry National Science Foundation, Getting ideas into action: In this action research study, the authors, members of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate CPED Dissertation in Practice Awards Committee have examined the format and design of dissertations submitted as a part of the reform of the educational doctorate.

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He graduated with a Ph. Evans EdsWorking doctorates: Council of Graduate Schools.

cped dissertation in practice

She graduated with a Ph. Existing practice is not the template. Task force report of the professional doctora te.

Council of Graduate Schools.