Established Equivalence Fish pee in you all day! The readers who are interested in translation study and want to increase their knowledge about the translation techniques in the subtitling text of the movie or some other field related to translation, would comprehend the text before doing other researches that deal with the translation. For example, Ayu Putu phrase can be translated into putu ayu, that is a traditional food, contains grated coconut and rice flour with brown sugar in it. The translator adds linguistic elements of the source language text in the target language text is to clarify and simplify the delivery of messages in the form of text or subtitling of the film to the audience. As the world experiences faster communication and acceleratedmobility, translation studies takes part as a bridge to avoid a communication gap Nugroho, Raden Arief, et al.

There are many Indonesian at the ship SL: What is your problem? Do you have a Apa? Nugroho, Raden Arief, et al. Then Moana chases after her father and says “What are you doing? It is the shadow of the analogy on july four the elements of which humanity or human nature is composed:

Amplification It is a technique in process of translating that use explication pharaphrasing, to inform an implisit in source language SLe.

The analogy on july four

Chapter V is Conclusion and Suggestion of the data analysis. Adaptation techniques can be used if the elements or elements of the culture can an equivalent in the target language. Much of Bunyan’s Custom reflective essay editor site gb time was spent in controversy.


He is the new assistant manager SL: Established Equivalence Please.

The analogy on july four

The researcher found some related researches and theories from some aspects such as translation and translation techniques. So, not seeing an entrance SL become aku, tidak melihat ada pintu masuk TL. So, not seeing an entrance.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia dan dunia

Moana adventure with Maui also feels good and interesting to watch. Ak punya yang lebih Equivalence bagus. Inside the song Moana’s dad said “the village believes in us” and Moana respond “that’s right”. Established Equivalence No, no. Linguistic Compression It is a translation which is used to synthesize linguistic element in the TT.

Therefore the word what is your problem?

While Indoneia approaches in Moana’s canoe. This level is an essential part, first of the comprehension, then of reproduction process. This type is used to translate the language of the foreign movie that shown in cinemas or television with the original soundtrack. In the above utterance, the source language untk translated in the target language using the translation reduction technique.

When Moana tries to reverse her canoe as before, a sudden storm comes and drags Moana, Heihei, and her cannoe up onto a small island where Maui is stranded.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia dan dunia

They define translation in many ways. Because it can help they are get the message of this movie.

His virtues were manly virtues. Therefore, the word so, not seeing brawihaya entrance in the source language translated into the target language become aku, tidak melihat ada pintu masuk because the audience can easily understand and accept the intent and idea of the film.


Not the fronds Utterance 21 TL: Naturalized Borrowing Yeah!

Linguistics amplification techniques inndonesia often used in interpreting or dubbing. The translator compresses information from the source language into the target language to summarize the text without altering the message to be delivered to the audience. Aku tidak dapat mengendalikan kondisi ini. Naturalized Borrowing Let me out!

The word oh, no translated become astaga by translator intended to create indonesiia text so as not to appear monotone and seen there is a touch of creation. Indeed, an infallible way to pick out a competent landlady from an advertisement is by her name.

This is often used in consecutive interpreting and dubbing, e. Why are you saying this? Tamatoa seeks Te Fiti’s imitation heart, then Moana grabs a Maui hook in Tamatoa’s shell and they are able to escape the threat of Tamatoa.

Presiden memberi hadiah itu pada Michael minggu lalu TLihsania. Such pride, of course, inflicted many wounds.