Rising loan statistics prove the increasing popularity of the games with staff members across the Trust. With the explosion in information technology in the last few decades, more and more people want to learn and improve on their programming skills. Promoting Safer Swallowing Client: Social 1 Social 2 Social 3 Social 4 Social 5. As their skills improve, learners earn experience points and climb a gamified skill tree.

Triskelion is a time management game developed by Gamelearn. Built as an around-the-world treasure hunt, Learners playing Triskellion need to manage the workflow of Professor Robert Wise. Check here if you are human. They also wanted the curriculum to be more engaging. Significantly increased average contract value of products sold. Our clients wanted to help health professionals fully understand stroke, from the emergency right through to rehabilitation, in a way that encouraged discussion and sharing ideas. Dysphagia is a poorly understood medical condition, and our clients wanted to create a tool to help frontline staff understand how to spot and manage it effectively.

Significantly increased average contract value of products sold.

Games: Case Studies

Our gamified workshop cut the time required for induction by half, and both the client and participants find the new process much more engaging and efficient. Leave this field blank.

The Sepsis Game was introduced into the Trust in Please correct ,games marked field s below. The game was the most popular element.

Want to keep reading? Our Care Certificate Stucy was integrated into all mandatory Care Certificate training for new and existing healthcare support workers. Newsletter Receive monthly updates with game-based learning tips and news. How can we help you?


Agents needed to know what they were able to do from a regulatory compliance standpoint… and COMPANY needed to analyze the process itself and identify improvement opportunities.

Games Case studies

There are many advantages of user generated content in online learning. Coaching Champions Soft Skills Training -[created]. The app also features timed challenges in which the learner has to answer 20 fase in 30 seconds, gaining XP and additional time for every correct answer.

Knowledge Guru is essential to reinforcing this technical knowledge, and participants have rated Knowledge Guru highly as a learning tool that helped them achieve their certification.

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Because of the importance of loss prevention, COMPANY needed a solution that would engage learners, get their attention, and motivate them to learn and apply the process. We developed a board game syudy encouraged casf discussion within local and regional management teams about the transformation programme. Box Email: Most importantly, the spaced repetition built in to Knowledge Guru is critical to helping new associates retain this foundational knowledge when they begin working acse customers.

DuoLingo is an app designed to help people learn another language. Feedback from players has been consistently positive. Does it actually work? They also wanted the curriculum to be more engaging. The game made teaching, training and testing easy and effective for management.

Studies to evaluate the game have concluded that it helps to improve knowledge and management of dysphagia.


5 Case Studies that Prove Learning Games Work

August 21, – 8: Our client wanted to transform its global customer-facing operations, and needed a tool to engage with management teams to ensure a positive foundation to roll out the new programme. Built as an casd treasure hunt, Learners playing Triskellion need to manage the workflow of Professor Robert Wise. Built quickest pipeline studu product compared to previous launches in the past two years. Feedback from players has been great – staff tell us that the game really helps them think about how they treat patients and how they can improve patient safety.

case study mgames

September 21, – 6: Initial evaluation of using educational board games with staff and service-users in a residential care home. This initial evaluation suggests that board games may be a useful and enjoyable tool for helping staff and service-users to explore and discuss the important role of food, fluids and effective communication in social care settings.

One of our seasoned subject matter experts who reviewed the game indicated the game was lots of fun and would be a good tool for our reps.

Our clients loved it!

case study mgames