Soil quality is also decreasing as manure is used as an alternative fuel for firewood rather than to sustain nutrient-rich, fertile soils. With the low humidity, there are few clouds to reflect the sunlight and as there is no evaporative cooling, most of the sunlight warms the ground surface, creating hot temperatures. The Great Barrier reef is threatened by global warming, which increases coral bleaching. In Botswana, this occurs mainly during sexual intercourse or from mother to child during pregnancy. The toyotarisation disturbs animals, kills vegetation and creates dust stroms. Primarily, the government fostered the production of onshore wind energy, as technical challenges prevented off-shore farms. Jessie G November 1, at 3:

The country of Bangladesh is located in Southern Asia. In response to your question, no it is not typically compulsory to discuss specific examples for the 5-mark questions unless they ask you to do so, obviously. Densely populated urban areas: For instance, the Ber tree has a rapidly developing taproot system to survive in drought conditions. Longterm responses included reparation of three-quaters of the damaged buildings. Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this.

Ina treaty was introduced to guarantee 1. Korodegaga village — near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia — consists of nine small hamlets with people in total. Cold water is pumped down to the igneous rock layers, where overpopulatiom is heated by contact with the hot rocks. An increase in the percentage of elderly dependents is a strain on the working population as higher taxation is required to support the pensions of the elderly and to fund services such as health care and specialised homes.

bangladesh overpopulation case study igcse

This should be accomplished by encouraging the development of solar and wind energy. April 10, at This, coupled with the expansion of palm oil plantations, has had damaging effects on the natural enviroment.


There is a very heavy reliance on machinery for ploughing, planting, spraying the crop and harvesting. However, the area is threatened by storm tides, particularly in sthdy and winter, which may cause floods that damage the unique ecosystem. In contrast, services for younger peoplesuch as schools, are underused.

Case Study: An Overpopulated Country – Bangladesh – A-Level Geography – Marked by

The earthquake resulted in approximatelydeaths massive loss of lifedestruction ofhomes and around 5, schools. Yes, you can print the case studies by printing the entire page from the browser. This has been caused by factors like: Katrina intensified before making landfall in Florida and was a Hurricane 3 upon reaching the Mississippi Delta. For this reason, Germany has adopted several measures that attempt to encourage families to have more children:.

However, the dam meant that 1 million people had to be moved to accomodate the reservoir and power stations.

bangladesh overpopulation case study igcse

Feeding Shearing to obtain wool Milking. What are some the solutions to these problems? The population of Canada is clustered in the Southern areas; because, the cold Arctic climate makes cultivation impossible and it is rather unpleasant to live in those cold areas. Longterm responses included reparation of three-quaters of the damaged buildings. In some rural regions, levees were destroyed to allow the water to escape onto flood plains and prevent uncontrolled damage downstream.

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Furthermore, tourists may destroy parts of the bangladrsh when they go diving or reef-walking. Also, the refugees are attempting to avoid political persecution, as the goverment has arrested and tortured civilians who they think could be working against them. With best regards, Carina Like Like.


bangladesh overpopulation case study igcse

Bangladesh suffers from annual floods during the Monsoon season. The sinking air warms up and its moisture-holding capacity increases, so the area is very dry.

Case study: Overpopulation – Bangladesh

The dam has protected 10 million people from flooding and its 32 generators provide energy for 60 million people each generagtor produces as much energy as a small nuclear powerplantenabling China to reduce its dependency on coal.

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Maram grass colonised dunes and trapped further sand. However, the required network capacities for transmitting the power generated in the North Sea to the large industrial consumers in southern Germany have not yet been constructed.

Besides, migration was common as people moved igccse to stay with their families. Regards, Carina Like Like.

Case Study: An Overpopulated Country – Bangladesh

Lack of stable goverment and medical infrastructure limited search and rescue efforts. Females are not fully emancipated which is another contributory factor to the country having a high birth rate.

The toyotarisation disturbs animals, kills vegetation and creates dust stroms.