Fiestas offered religious processions, dances, music, and theatrical presentations to the people. Today, the Ati-Atihan is celebrated as a religious festival. The blackened dancers attract tourists from all over the world and when the festivities are done, these tourists hit the beach on the white sands of a nearby island called Boracay for more parties. The highlight of the festival occurs on the last day, the third Sunday of January, when groups representing different tribes compete for tourists’ attention and prizes. A colourful happening with celebrants who paint their faces in many different ways and who are dressed in the most outstanding costumes. Yes, it is the Ati-atihan festival. Ati Atihan Festival Schedule

The blackened dancers attract tourists from all over the world and when the festivities are done, these tourists hit the beach on the white sands of a nearby island called Boracay for more parties. Some time later, the Ati people were struggling with famine as the result of a bad harvest. It has been observed that the unyielding street dancers never fail to enter the Kalibo church every time they pass by. Philippine Tourism Center Fifth Ave. There is so much to be thankful for.

They came down to the lowlands of the Maraynon and asked them food.

Popular culture essay Ati atihan festival in popular culture alan riding essay popular culture popular culture twame m. The Ati also called Negritos or Pygmies were small dark people, and after receiving the land, the story goes, the Malayan people blackened their faces to look like the Ati.

Ati-Atihan Festival

Yes, it is the Ati-atihan festival. Retrieved 21 February The 3 rd day is very important day of the celebration and considered as cheerful and lively day of all the Festival Celebration.


A group of 10 Malay chieftains called Datusfleeing from the island of Borneo settled in the Philippines, and were granted settlement by the Ati people, the tribes of Panay Island. Ati-Atihan means “to make like Atis.

When our memories are foggy our memories can captured and treasured with photography. The steady beat of drums can sometimes be heard late in the night as a single drummer is suddenly inspired to pick up the rhythm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I fsetival.

ati atihan festival essay

Masasa Beach In Tingloy, Batangas: And just as the Ati-Atihan is an outward display of revelry and adoration, the devotee is in search of something which is missing from within. Ati Atihan festival schedule. Interesting things happened when The Datus welcomed them and gave them Food and drinks to eat, Ati People were very happy due their attitude so they decided to give something in return and make them happy they painted their faces and arms with black color and wear different colorful dresses only to look like them.

The phrase “Hala Bira! DOT expands faith tourism program to include Muslims. Yearly this is evident with the arrival at the new airport terminal of chartered flights carrying tourist from Incheon, South Korea and Shanghai, China.

Philippine Ati-atihan Festival in kalibo Aklan Panay Island Philippines

By midmorning, small groups gather in their respective neighborhoods. Some of the most creative costumes distinct to the tribal themes are displayed by a few of the local gays. This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved from cestival https: Looking for the Prehispanic Filipino The atian acceptance of Catholic rituals had much to do with the eventual suppression of the natives’ ritual drinking.


The beat goes on and frenzy builds up in the noonday heat as sweat and brew eats up the senses. Its origins are in the 13th century, when 10 families fled Borneo and landed on the Philippine island of Panay.

Ati-Atihan festival

Street Dancing,Costume,Drum beats was last modified: All About Ati-Atihan Festival Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan has become so admired that similar festivals have cropped up all over Western Festibal. Your email address will not be published.

Almost Eighty Groups of Tribes compete eagerly with each other as there is one Million Philippine peso Prize is for the winner group. The informality of the festival is what makes it so terrific and allows everyone to participate, dance, beat on a drum or just take photos while in the middle of the tribal groups. A pact between two races and cultures.

ati atihan festival essay

Kalibo Hotels for Ati Atihan. Since the Churches officially adopted Ati Atihan Festival, novenas and masses become the essential ingredient of the ceremony. This ritual is said to be the ztihan of the sale of land in Panay by the Ati chieftain Marikudo to Datu Puti and the Borneans so that they can have a place to settle.