Remember, the aggregate framework uses an array of stages which can have multiple groups, projects etc. Regex processing is not optimizable in query processing due to simple string inequalities. MongoDB for Developers Homework 5. To create an index db. Updating a document as mentioned in the previous video will remove all fields except primary key and those provided in the second argument.

On a specific index using the above query, here are the execution stats: One to one — each item corresponds to exactly one other item. The answer is 9 since we need to start few config servers too. This prints the first document. Specifying -1 for expireAfterSeconds will disable the feature.

MongoDB uses a single thread for each operation.

So transactions that do multiple updates in RDBMS can be replaced by a single atomic transaction within a single document. To retrieve documents containing a specific text as a subtext db. In the course, you will build a blogging platform, backed by MongoDB.

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Different documents can have different schema. Running the query along with explanation db. We can also hold on a cursor like this: Indexing is not free since every update in a collection requires updating the index too.

The config servers need to be told about the replica sets which make the shards.

M101j homework 1.3 answers

Video 4 – Simple example explained Consider the query and its result in Video 2. A test run shows that out of 1 million documents in a collection, retrieving a single specific document even in a powerful system took homeworkk seconds.


To retrieve documents where a column begins with A db.

mongodb m101j homework 1.3 answers

This is done by mapping chunks of data to particular shards. Since OS decides what to put in memory and what not to, there is not much control. This keeps the data in sync across the different instances to back it up if one of them goes down. So the plans are removed based on certain conditions like reaching a threshold number of writes writes is the standard nowrebuilding the index, adding or dropping any index from the collection, restarting the mongod process.

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Different states might have the same city name. Simply it was about verifying the correct MongoDB installation, example data.

mongodb m101j homework 1.3 answers

My first introduction to MongoDB was to sign up to university. If we add one more document into the collection as shown below, then we will have two documents with different Object ids use the find command to see answfrs.

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Such indexes will help with homeworkk queries that have conditions for all the fields that are specified in the entries. Create this folder structure. Application Engineering 07 November—14 November. In such cases, use the datatype Document. And that can save space because we know which collection it lives in since a DB reference normally stored the collection name and the ID.


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This removes the window of vulnerability. To retrieve all documents where a column contains a specific string inside an array.

mongodb m101j homework 1.3 answers

Introduction to Week 3. Typing mongo in the shell will connect the shell to the DB and will display the shell version and homeworkk name of the database that we are connecting to Ex: Each of the servers has three instances with it and is called a replica set.

The following information is inferred: Now query the profile data, looking for all queries to the students collection in the database school2, sorted in order of decreasing latency. To retrieve documents where a column ends with the specified text.

Does this have data redundancy like a denormalized table?