An amendment would make the provisions of the bill contingent upon funding and phases in the increased funding for K-3 basic special education over 4 years. HB 64 Dianne Orr Resume. This bill seeks to close a loophole by also allowing the charter school to determine if the child was placed in alternative schools programs for discipline reasons without expulsion. Additionally, SB with House Amendment 1 authorizes the State Board to proceed with redistricting, but WEIC intends to suspend the redistricting plan pending necessary and sufficient funding. The amendment would allow SEED funds to be used for programs to provide workforce training skills.

This Act, as amended, requires every public school site, including charter schools, participating in the Community Eligibility Provision to offer a breakfast at no cost to every student in the school through an Alternative Service Model, which may be in addition to their traditional breakfast meal service. Several specific legislative priorities supported by Rodel were favorably acted upon this session, related to: The General Assembly considered many other pieces of legislation pertaining to education. Without these resources, high-performing schools serving high-need students will struggle to expand. The amendment clarifies that the two teachers are to be appointed by the President of the Delaware State Education Association and adds two representatives from the Delaware Bankers Association.

The amendment would add two members to the Pathways steering committee, one member from a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of persons with disabilities and one member of the public who is a parent of a Delaware public school student. Statewide funding will be initiated for students of low socio-economic status, English Language Learner and basic special education, K-3, and shall be provided initially to the Red Clay School District, Capital School District, and Indian River School District, with the intention that at least one school district from each county will also receive additional funding in subsequent years.

Amendments tassk are adopted are incorporated into the next version of the bill.


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This language may summarize the official synopsis of the legislation. Description Drawing, design and geometry of engineering components. HB 64 Presentation by Dr.

These are decisions best left at the local level rather than imposed by a central authority. This act will create a three-year pilot program for disadvantaged students in primary grades in Delaware public schools.

It is suggested that the fiscal mechanism to support these changes should be through mandated district participation that is congruent with the current needs based funding system in Delaware.

Bill History/Action for Legislature

This bill, as amended, provides a reimbursement for applicant once they becoming a teacher in a Delaware public school. Funding to support existing teachers getting a 1. Study Abroad and Exchange. The schools in need of intervention are defined schools with high rates of suspension overall, or between subgroups based on race and disability.

Based on the recommendations of the DPAS II Advisory Committee, this act, with amendments, establishes a pilot program in three local education agencies for the and school years to make changes to the DPAS II educator evaluation system which include weighing all evaluation components equally.

The current statewide assessment is the Smarter Balanced Assessment. A child with a disability who does not have capacity to provide informed consent with respect to educational programming will have an educational representative appointed, with a parent receiving priority for that role.

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The program will provide grants to public schools, that qualify as Title I schools, to develop afterschool engagement of students that will provide extended learning, homework assistance, enrichment, and nutrition.

A second amendment makes the bill contingent upon appropriation of funds.

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Updated on July 1 st Such projects are to be governed by a Project Labor Agreement with the Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council to provide structure and stability and promote efficient completion. Additional funding also went to stipends for educators who obtain National Board Certification and to pilot teacher-leadership roles—which will allow teachers to receive additional compensation while continuing to stay in the classroom.


These funds were critical to supporting working parents and our highest need young children at the level we do today. The course introduces drawing standards, develops freehand sketching and visualization skills, and provides a basic understanding of engineering components, their graphical representation and correct detail form design. It should be noted that action on the implementation of redistricting is conditional on the allocation of funding.

Several specific legislative priorities supported by Rodel were favorably acted upon this session, related to: HB64 Dyslexia Guidance Yudin.

Academic Transcripts and Letters. Both parents would be eligible for such leave. HB 64 Presentation by Camille Booth. It also sets forth the intent of the General Assembly with respect to education funding. The recordings will not be considered the official board minutes.

148th General Assembly Education Report

Executive Taxk – Current. Short Sinceresidential developers in New Castle County have been required to seek either a certificate from the Department of Education declaring that the local school district has the capacity to absorb additional students from the new development, or alternatively pay a Voluntary School Assessment which is held in trust for the local school district to be used for new construction and expansion projects.

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This would enable the report to accurately reflect all schools that have completed all requirements and are in compliance. Outgoing Exchange current UC students. The act requires the state to fund start-up costs for each center as well as fund the operational costs of each center for at least one school per homfwork year until all public high schools have a school-based health center.