He devoted much attention to welfare work and was often consulted by welfare organisations, while he served on numerous committees. See also the rejoinder by W. His willingness to guide black people to self-determination once he considered them ready, won him the many new white supporters. Interestingly, Wundt recommended Krueger for the position although Krueger had rejected Wundt’s approach to psychology by this time. Apartheid became the regime’s preoccupation since and its ensuing social divisions impacted negatively on the Africans and the country’s literature. As far as we know from his papers, Volkelt did not pursue this racist variant but adhered closely to the theory of civilisational development stages, which he tried to explain through the tenets of developmental psychology. See also Volkelt’s research report which reflected on the research projects presented in this course as well as his own research at the time:

However, in his defence, he stated he only wanted to injure, not kill, Verwoerd. At about the same time Ernst Cassirer came to rather different and philosophically more substantial and consistent conclusions about mythical thinking and causality, see his Philosophie der symbolischen Formen, vol. Tsafendas escaped the death penalty on the grounds of insanity. Like many German psychologists of his time, Krueger had a strong affinity for philosophy. These stage theories had a considerable impact on the newly emergent science of ethnology. There is no need for any immediate operation.

Hendrik Verwoerd

The New York Times. Nationalism and Racism in South Africa”, in M. Verwoerd became Prime Minister in on the death of J.

Verwoerd belonged to a third faction, that sympathised with the purists, but allowed for the use of black labour, while implementing the purist goal of vertical separation. Another typical case would be Albert Wellek, who was at the institute from the late s onwards and created a legend after gf war about the institute’s distance thseis the NS regime.

His willingness to guide black people to self-determination once he considered them ready, won him the many new white supporters.


In it, Volkelt highlighted puberty and adolescence as distinct phases in the human life cycle, underlining their immense importance for orientation cerwoerd later life.

Ethnopsychology, on the other hand, leads us on the path of a true psychogenesis by showing us the different stages of intellectual development which verwlerd still be seen in mankind today. Within minutes of the assassination attempt, Verwoerd—still conscious and blood gushing from his face—was rushed to the nearby Johannesburg Hospital. The affectation is a retarding moment in development, which means the extension of logical categories over the whole range of objects Thus his holistic approach can at least partly be explained by his efforts to outdo his rivals in the new discipline.

Nevertheless, he cannot be counted among the victims of the Nazi regime because he used the opportunity to fill the vacant positions in the psychological associations with his own adherents when Jewish colleagues like William Stern were expelled from their universities in The available sources offer no clue as to whether Verwoerd was exposed to theories of cultural relativism during his stay in Germany.

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All we have are partial intellectual influences tehsis psychology which might have found their way into the policy of apartheid. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Miller’s conclusions are based on incorrect assumptions and are therefore misleading. They lead through the individual life from the psychology of the embryo to that of old age, from the lowest “primary-primitive” tribes The Rise of Afrikanerdom: Nevertheless, on numerous occasions in later years he spoke about various stages of development, concluding that white people had a right of trusteeship over indigenous Africans.

Hendrik Verwoerd and the Leipzig School of Psychology in

This article needs additional citations for verification. Verowerd father took up a position in the church in BrandfortOrange Free State. This section does not cite any sources.


hf verwoerd thesis

His father was a shopkeeper and a deeply religious man who decided to move his family to South Africa in because of his sympathy towards the Afrikaner nation in the wake of the Second Boer War.

Verwoerd once described apartheid as a “policy of good neighbourliness”.

hf verwoerd thesis

They left their mark both on the development of behaviourism as well as on various areas of applied psychology, even though Wundt himself dismissed the new field for its inadequately developed theory and methodology. Gender differences also found an echo in Verwoerd’s teaching.

To draw some tentative conclusions: Krueger had four regular assistants, each of whom was responsible for his own department: They are interlaced with journalistic articles on space and setting in South Africa.

There is no need for any immediate operation. In his groundbreaking book The Rise of Afrikanerdom, the sociologist Dunbar Moodie claims that vwrwoerd number of young Afrikaner intellectuals, and Hendrik Verwoerd in particular, were imbued with “neo-Fichtean” nationalism while at university in Germany in the s. Verwoerd’s Croll Scholarship began in January and was valid until the end of his stay overseas in January Koffka, Die Grundlagen der psychischen Entwicklung: Behind Volkert’s conclusions on his research into youth and adolescence, there was also an ideological motive, however.

It was Hans Volkelt more than bf other who succeeded in making holistic psychology applicable for empirical research.

This is very far from Krueger’s concept of the complex quality and the “holistic experience”, which emphasised the diffuse and unfathomable nature of emotions.