Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Coleridge thinks the role of the poet should maintain some of the previous ideals of poetry regarding language rather than completely change to a language of lowly men. They abhorred classical restraint and obsession with reason. This new form of philosophy became one of the main guidelines of a new school of Romantic poets, writers and philosophers. It is a fact that the French Revolution, the Napoleonic words and other social and political events did not initiate the Romantic Movement but enriched its content.

However, Wordsworth refined this common language to a purer form without losing the essence of its simplicity. Sources Used in Document: Accessed May 23, Since it was his idea, Coleridge was supposed to write the Preface; but, he never did; leaving Wordsworth to write it under a very harsh time crunch Shulz. Wordsworth proceeds to define a permanent poetic voice that should not reflect those of wealth and importance.

It is a well observed phenomenon that every new poet struggles to carve a niche. He sees his poetry, in its concerns with the lives of men such as Michael, as an antidote to the artificial tk of Man presented in eighteenth-century poetry.

The view of the moralists is that the writer can and does influence the lives and characters of his readers; and therefore it should try to be a good influence. Cite This Research Paper: This was in contrast wordsaorths the classical preference for objectivity in poetry. Preface to Lyrical Ballad 1.


essay on wordsworths preface to lyrical ballads

It is like the torch that leads its readers on the dark path. Views Read View source View history.

His answer illustrates the underlying assumptions about the poet as the genius, as the special person, capable of re-articulating thought and feeling so as to educate the reader. This resulted in the use of the term to describe different tendencies at different times in different contexts.

Preface to Lyrical Ballads Analysis | William Wordsworth | English Summary

He emphasizes various points stating his opinion regarding poetry of balladw time. The French Revolution in its bottom line brought a violent end to feudal powers and monarchy and asserted the right and supremacy of the individual free will.

essay on wordsworths preface to lyrical ballads

This new trend of poetry, created by both Wordsworth and Coleridge in Lyrical Balladsled to many criticisms. Wordsworth believed that the city life made the masses dull and stagnant ā€” it had reduced them to overworked machines who failed to appreciate the simple beauty ljrical life.

There are two schools of thought holding opposite views with regard to ltrical function of Literature or Art in general. The ordinary man, Wordsworth believes, is closer to nature; and therefore closer to human-nature.

What followed next was a prevalence of instincts and emotions over rationalism and common sense.

Preface to the Lyrical Ballads Analysis by Wordsworth

It would be helpful for us to first familiarize ourselves with this historical context of 18th century. The role of poetry is where both writers seem to agree.


Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Composition The fourth stage is when the actual composition begins.

Wordsworth Preface to Lyrical Ballads&nbspResearch Paper

The readers of this time were set in their ways, accepting elegant, aristocratic writing styles. Will no one tell me what she sings?

Back to William Wordsworth. English Romanticism in the s. So, he discusses the idea of poetry after discussing the idea of poet.

essay on wordsworths preface to lyrical ballads

In the neo-classical literary oreface the human mind is regarded as the passive recorder of sense impressions. One of the significant forces that shaped Romantic Revival is the French Revolution ā€” Wordsworth and Coleridge believe the purpose of poetry is to stir passion in the reader.

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Coleridge disagrees with this completely. On the other hand, the Romantics place Imagination to a higher position. The Romantic Revival is the result of many forces. Wordsworth found inspiration from everyday figures of everyday life. For them poetry was not genuine if it was not personal. Dorothy Wordsworth –“we journeyed side by side.