Thank you Tim and thank you Debbie. Here’s a very partial list: Thank you for sharing the link. I never had pro counseling on the issue. Write and see what happens. What is your bed like? Gift was finding your podcast…..

Your approach towards learning and breaking subjects down could be a huge benifit to this epidemic. Anyway, I have a beautiful home garage gym including a washer and dryer! Debbie — what wonderful insight, delivered with such sincerity and authenticity. Thanks for a great episode. Thank you so much to both of you for this episode. She talks about healing, about shifting her negative inner voice to a positive one.

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Noon – 1 p. Good interview, I will have to go back and listen to her podcast now.

You really sold it. Well worth listening all the way, for the 10 year plan bit towards the end.

Tim, I have been an crwative listener of this podcast for the last two and half years, but this episode brought tears to my eyes and so much inspiration. From “New chapter for literary city,” a cover story published in the Times Union’s Preview arts magazine: Kudos to you, Tim, for making Debbie feel so comfortable to open up.


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Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! And the content of this podcast is proof of your skills. Thanks for taking the time to record this. Thanks Alex Like Like.

Moni B Like Like. Campus Center Multi-Purpose Room.


I wanted to have her instructions for the 10 year plan for uallbany remarkable life written down so I transcribed them and figured other people would like the instructions as well:. You yourself might be interested in psychoanalysis as subject for study. Thanks for what uwlbany are sharing with all of us! I totally understand the feelings of being alone due to the abuse, and have been in therapy to focus on those feelings in myself.

You are a legend.

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Looking forward to finish listening to it. Here’s a very partial list: Post copies on your corkboard at work. THanks for what you are doing.

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Peace and abundant blessings, Richard. I am biased however… having earned my MS in Kinesiology, working as a strength and conditioning coach with the Baltimore Orioles and being a local gym owner.

I found you via another podcast and have begun listening to yours as well as buying Tools of the Titans, which I love! This was beyond fantastic; I take my hat off to both of you!


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I think it can be life-changing. Talk about your career? Particularly the 10 year plan exercise. Nothing resonated until she described that exercise. The braver you are, the more honesty you can withstand. Debbie — what wonderful insight, delivered with such sincerity and authenticity.

How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman (#214)

Hi Tim, I would really appreciate if you could make a small audio of the thought exercise remarkable life in the same fashion you did with Tony Robbins gratitude exercise. You did a fantastic job listening, delving deeper, and respecting Debbie when she brought up deep topics. Walter Mosley, best known for his mysteries featuring the character Easy Rawlins, has also written a handful of penetrating literary novels that wrestle with questions political and philosophical.